Become Jason Voorhees And Enjoy Your Revenge

New footage shows us that Friday the 13th: The Game is promising to take us to the very heart of Camp Crystal Lake.

With E3 now over, we are left to digest all of the big announcements and new games being released. One game in particular is noteworthy because it is a game that I never thought we would ever see and whether it would be good at all. I am of course talking about Friday the 13th: The Game. Like Jason himself, this new game is rising out of the ashes from a horrible Nintendo video game of the same name. You know something is wrong when you have Jason Voorhees colored purple. Which is why this new Friday the 13th video game is quite strange. Even without that terrible game, the Friday the 13th film series is an odd choice for a video game. There just didn’t seem to be a way of telling a compelling story or having unique or solid gameplay. After reading more about it and after watching the latest gameplay trailer for this upcoming game, I have begun to change my tune.

Friday the 13th: The Game is going to be centered around a multiplayer experience, as of right now, that places players into the roles of the camp counselors with one player being the lumbering behemoth himself, Jason. There are promises of gory kills and many people dying in true Friday the 13th fashion. The developers are working closely to not only bring the feel of the movies to the game but also bring in characters and signature kills lifted directly from the films. This is all very exciting news, showing that the developers have a true passion for the source material and a drive to produce the best game possible.

One thing right of the bat, the game looks beautiful and it really looks like they captured the look and feel of Camp Crystal Lake. The footage was only five minutes long with it primarily focusing on Jason. Jason appears that his trademark slow approach is intact, he does not run only slowly trudges towards the players. One of my favorite parts of the video was that Jason can literally teleport to any place on the map instantly. This fits perfectly within the lore established in the films, since Jason just appears out of nowhere. The footage ends by showing off a few scenes of the player as a counselor, it looks interesting though hopefully there is some offensive measure that can be taken against Jason not just simply running and hiding. Scheduled to release sometime this October there is not much time left, but after seeing this latest video I am confident that there is something here well worth coming back from the dead.

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  • Linda Kliewer
    25 June 2016 at 12:46 am - Reply

    Looking forward to the release in October.