Betcha Didn’t Know That All of These Horror Characters Existed in the Same Universe!

Pay attention, class. Imma learn you some shtuff.

Ever since Freddy vs Jason came out, people have wanted talked about slasher vs slasher scenarios. Who would win? Heck, Dimension almost followed New Line’s steps with their own house franchise monsters when they briefly considered making Helloween, a Michael Myers vs Pinhead movie. But Freddy vs Jason isn’t even the first slasher crossover. The first one was the Topps Comics Jason vs Leatherface miniseries in 1995. Didn’t know about that, huh? Comics are such an ignored medium, but if you read them, you’d know that the slasher universe that so many people talk about already exists. And, with a couple exceptions, it centers around the characters Cassie Hack from the comic Hack/Slash and Ash Williams from the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness movies and comics.

Cassie Hack is a slasher slayer. And, though most of her enemies are original creations, she has crossed paths with a number of big names. These include Chucky from Child’s play, Victor Crowley from Hatchet, Herbert West from Re-Animator, Edgar Dill from Fangoria Comics’ BUMP, and Evil Ernie from Chaos Comics

Ash Williams has crossed paths with Freddy and Jason, Herbert West (he did it first actually), and the Necronomicon is seen in Pumpkinhead 2, tying that in as well.

And then Ash and Cassie crossed over, tying all of their big name cross overs together too. Add to that the aforementioned Jason/Leatherface crossover and the Leslie Vernon shout out in Hatchet 2, and you end up with this list:

Cassie Hack, Ash Williams, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Chucky, Victor Crowley, Herbert West, Edgar Dill, Evil Ernie, Pumpkinhead, Leatherface, and Leslie Vernon all exist in the same world.

Can you think of any tie ins I missed? Let me know!

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