With ‘Castle Rock’ Added to The Mix, Stephen King Fans Have a Lot of TV Binging To Do!

Castle Rock, Mr. Mercedes and so many classic King films are available to watch anytime!

Castle Rock is the most recent Stephen King adaptation for television. Brought to us by J.J. Abrams and starring Bill Skarsgard, (Pennywise in IT) we got an early Halloween with the launch of Hulu’s Stephen King-inspired series last month. Mr. Mercedes Season 2 starts August 22nd on AT&T’s Audience, and there are rumors that King’s poem The Bone Church is being developed for TV too!

With so many channels to pick from, what is a horror fan to do? If you are specifically a Stephen King fan- then Castle Rock alone may not be enough to satisfy your thirst for summertime fear. Look to Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Prime for plenty of other scary King adaptations that are worth a late night viewing — and many even serve as the sources for countless “Easter Eggs” hidden in the new horror series.

If you love looking for these cryptic hidden delights, there are practically as many in this show as there are hidden Mickeys at D-Land! Beginning with the actors themselves- see who you recognize, then look close at locations, signs, character names and props to see the shout-outs to movies like Carrie, Cujo, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Misery, Pet Sematary, Stand by Me, The Langoliers, The Dark Half, Children of the Corn and The Shining. Those are a few you can keep an eye out for, but there are more- so many more. I even have a notebook by my chair to jot them down, (OK, so I am a Stephen King Geek!)


I plan to do an article rating my favorite Stephen King adaptations- but for now here are a few of my favorites that are available to stream right now!

The Shining 
Gerald’s Game
Stand By Me
The Green Mile
The Dead Zone
Shawshank Redemption

What is your favorite Stephen King adaptation or book? So many to choose from!


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