Contracted Phase II: An entertaining but shallow zombie film

A spoiler-free review of the 2015 film 'Contracted: Phase II'


Contracted: Phase II

Directed by: Josh Forbes
Written by: Craig Walendziak
Starring: Matt MercerMarianna PalkaMorgan Peter BrownAnna LoreNajarra Townsend

2 KnivesKnives  (2.5/5)

In Contracted, we meet Samantha, a pretty young girl who makes a foolish drunken mistake one night at a party, has just dived into the world of the undead when she contracted an STD-like virus that pretty much decomposes her from the inside out. Toward the end of the film, Samantha has transformed into a living corpse, with rotting skin and clouded eyes. Samantha is driving her car when she crashes, “dies” and then attacks her mother.

Contracted: Phase II begins exactly where the first film leaves off. Samantha bites a nice big chunk out of her mother’s neck before meeting her own fate by a nearby police officer. Next, we meet up with Riley whom we first are introduced to in the first film as the guy who has a thing for Samantha and ends up sleeping with her toward the end when she is all disease-ridden. It’s now the next day after he has slept with Samantha and Riley is seeing his doctor brother-in-law with worries that he has contracted something from Samantha. Over the next two days, Riley becomes much worse along with a decent amount of the general public. Riley is determined to find PJ– the sick freak that gave Samantha the disease and thus hopefully discover a cure from him.


Contracted: Phase II I would definitely say is lackluster when compared to the first film. Contracted at least had enough stamina and originality to peak one’s interest and hold your attention. Phase II is more of one those movies you watch in the background and check in from time to time to see what is happening. Not saying this sequel was a bad film and all, but nothing new and exciting was offered– it was almost like a repeat of the first film, but this time with a male and a few other infected side characters. There definitely is some entertainment value that lies within the film, and those who love gore will really enjoy this film. Because, let me tell you, this movie is far more disgusting and disturbing than Contracted– in fact, I caught myself turning my head away in a few scenes, okay I lied.. like several scenes because it was just plain gross. However, the ending was pretty grotesque and creepy though with an image that is quite hard to get out of your head.

In conclusion, Contracted: Phase II is worth a watch if you were a fan of the first film but I am just not sure it is worth a second watch. While the concept of a second film was initially quite enticing, I just feel it was not properly executed. There definitely is room for a third film, and if it does happen I would love to see it with hopes it brings something different to the plate. Maybe if Eric Englund returns to the series, we will see something worth waiting for.


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