Crinoline Head Returns In “Dorchester’s Revenge”

Self-aware slasher premeires August 2nd.

Charleston filmmaker Tommy Faircloth is set to premiere his long-awaited sequel to 1996’s Crinoline Head on August 2nd. Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head takes place almost two decades after the original campy, underground classic, wherein a group of unsuspecting teens are terrorized and murdered by a killer wearing a baby doll mask and sporting a ton of mommy issues known as… Crinoline Head. Paul Donner was the sole survivor of the massacre and is now working as a history professor. Unfortunately, some of his students discover that he encountered Crinoline Head and lived to tell about it and (for some reason) they attempt to “reenact” that infamous weekend back from in the ’90s. Cue an uninvited, strangely-masked killer and gallons of bloodshed.

Dorechester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head opens on August 2nd at Sterett Hall Auditorium at the Navy Yard in Charleston, South Carolina. Head over to Charleston City Paper to read a conversation with Faircloth about the upcoming movie.

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  • Tommy Faircloth
    31 July 2014 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the mention Mike!

  • Mike Hawkins
    31 July 2014 at 2:31 pm - Reply

    No problem!