Don Mancini Talks Chucky, Annabelle Crossover!

Tiny terrors clash!

If you know Don Mancini, you know that he loves the idea of his Chucky the Killer Doll existing along side as many other horror franchises as possible. Whether it’s the numerous iconic memorabilia at the beginning of Bride or the Hack/Slash vs Chucky crossover comic, the man clearly wants Chucky to get out and meet (and probably stab) new people as much as possible.

A few months after Mancini gibly spoke of how he’d love to see Chucky meet Freddy Kruger (insisting that the two icons would probably start a contest to see who can kill the most people rather than fight each other directly), Mancini is now talking about having Charles Lee Ray meet up with the new doll on the block, Annabelle.

Annabelle, based on the real haunted doll and spinning off from the popular The Conjuring movie, may even make a cameo appearance in the upcoming 7th Chucky film, with Mancini saying:

“We would be into it, the only problem is that we are in different studios. That would probably be years worth of red tape to work it out. But if it all could be worked out, then yes, we’re very into it.”

More than that, Mancini actually would like to see a crossover film between the two, a la Freddy vs Jason:

“I am hoping that at some future point we have Annabelle and Chucky team up. I can see that (even) in 20 years from now.”

How would Chucky do against his fellow evil doll? Says Don:

“From the trailer, Annabelle is playing her fighting cards close to her chest. From what I see, her fighting style is very subtle. I want to know if she has some secret moves.”

But how would the missus, Tiffany, Bride of Chucky, take this? Well, Don has an answer for that too:

“The bride of Chucky is going to be very upset if Chucky starts to stray. If I were Annabelle, I’d be watching my back.”

What do you think, dear readers? Can’t be a worse film than Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys…

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