Evil Dead the Musical: A Blood Soaked Good Time!

Everybody do the Necronomicon!

Yes, you read that right. Evil Dead the Musical. As in the movie where a bunch of kids go to a cabin in the woods and one by one become possessed until our hero Ash vanquishes them. Put to song and dance. Some people might think this sounds stupid. Those people are wrong.

Evil Dead the Musical is a stage play combining the plots from the first two films into one narrative and even manages to include all of the classic one-liners from Army of Darkness (boomstick, anyone?). Don’t expect a scary stage play. Instead, expect to have a great time along the lines of a viewing of The Rocky Horror Show. This is a comedy made specifically for fans of the Evil Dead series, packed with inside jokes and self deprecating humor. The humor is actually quite similar to The Rocky Horror Show, going to far as to mention RHS’s main number The Time Warp in it’s own climactic piece, Do the Necronomicon (“It’s like The Time Warp, only better!”). Check it out!

Love that song! That clip gives you a good feel for the show. It’s a laugh-a-minute riot of epic proportions tailored for fans of horror!

There are a few different variations of the play with different actors and even a few different songs. That one in the clip has the acting playing Ash that I saw and his performance was hilarious! Sadly, I do not think he is attached to the show any longer. From a purely theatrical standpoint, the show is an achievement. The complexity of the set throughout the play is astounding! There are planks that give way, most of the furniture is controllable for poltergeist scenes, and that moose head is actually a puppet that sings in one of the number!

If you are ever lucky enough to go to this show, seize the opportunity. And if you can, get in one of the front rows. Those are called the “splatter zone” and people who sit there are given complimentary parkas to wear. Why? Because they get drenched in the gallons of stage blood used in this performance!

If you love theatre at all, are a fan of Evil Dead, are looking for a fun night out on the town, or just have a pulse, I guarantee you will enjoy Evil Dead the Musical!


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