‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Game Review

They can't hurt you...Don't be scared

Consoles: PC

Release Date: August 18th, 2014

Developer: Scott Cawthon

Publisher: Scott Cawthon

Story Analysis: Kid friendly pizza restaurants are a source of entertainment for children and some adults.  During the day, kids scream, run and play.  Adults try to smile and enjoy themselves.  At night, everyone goes home and everything is ok.  Or is it? At Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, you’ve just been hired as a security guard.  All you have to do it keep an eye on things.  Freddy and his friends seem to be active at night. But don’t worry they’re just animatronic puppets.  It’s not like they’re trying to kill you…


Gameplay: Five Nights At Freddy’s gives you a claustrophobic atmosphere.  Throughout the whole game, you’re stuck in the security office.  You can access lights, security doors and security cameras.  This creates a really creepy effect.  If you hear or see anything scary, you can’t do anything except close the doors and pray. You pretty much use your mouse to plan out your survival and plan of action.

Graphics: The graphics aren’t complicated.  It’s clear the developer and publisher, Scott Cawthon, wanted to keep the game simple.  The game takes place at night so the low lighting and colors work.  This game uses the ‘less is more’ approach quite well.  Freddy and his friends don’t do much except appear on your cameras.  Yes, they will jump out at you often.  So if you don’t like jump scares, skip this game.

Final Thoughts: I bought this game based on a few posts I saw on Facebook.  I paid about $5, it was worth it.  The game does have an interesting premise.  However, I think the game would’ve played out better if you could move around the restaurant. The game takes place over five nights.  Not much really happens.  Oh sure the game will get more difficult, but nothing else changes. Being stuck in one place wears out thin quickly.  You’re looking at the same places throughout the game.  Freddy and his friends will scare you a few times, then annoy you.


Pros: Scary atmosphere Cons: Repetitive game play

Final score: 3\5 Blood soaked butcher knives



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