Got Insanity!?!? Ten Films to Disturb and Drive You Mad this Weekend…

Ten Films to Drive You Mad!

Had a long week…? The work place weighing on you… Boss coming down hard on you? Nothing seems to be going right? You ready to let go and rage!? Need a release that will keep you safely away from others? Well… here is just thing for you as these ten horror films of the last decade or so will F’UP you and feed your weekend addiction for practical FX, sleaze, gore, nudity, violence, storytelling, sound and more insidious needs! Enjoy these somewhat lesser known infamous and sick indie, underground, foreign and main stream horror selections that will push you to the brink! Are you ready to release… if you dare! Add any you feel fit this demented list in the comments!

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Bug (2006): The name William Friedkin is infamous for classic and quality horror on different levels including his masterpiece “The Exorcist”. Starring the incredible acting talents of Michael Shannon (Take Shelter) and Ashley Judd (Kiss the Girls), Bug may be the ultimate voyage into extreme and psychological madness unlike any other film on this list. The story is based on paranoia, compulsiveness and insanity with the simple premise of bugs of different types. With the main character’s backgrounds suffering from post-war trauma, abuse, damage and abnormal psychosis, Friedkin places this madness in a mid-western town. “Bug” surrounds Shannon’s character, Peter Evans, who has come home as a damaged war veteran and is introduced to the lonely and abused woman, Agnes White (Judd) who is trying to escape her abusive ex-con husband, Jerry (Harry Connick Jr.). As their destructive relationship grows and their inability to be fully function evolves into a dark obsession with the supposed ‘bugs,’ Peter’s pain and paranoia ensues taking Agnes into the pit of hell with him. Within the 102 minutes, the sick, tragic and disturbing storytelling holds you captivate to this extreme mental desecration. Filed under the drama film section, “Bug” is usually lost in drama genre since it has very little blood and gore, deals very personally with mental illness and has a stellar and talented cast/crew. Another indie gem, this film is so disturbing and has such a creepy feel as the blend of body horror and mental disability are portrayed amazingly. Shannon puts forth intense and powerful performances that attack your senses and yet connects the viewer including impulsive rage, mad rants and the extraordinary finale that in my opinion is a mental hell that will rip you heart and soul out. Friedkin’s unflinching direction, Michael Grady’s intimate cinematography and Brian Tyler’s eerie score all induce the dark journey of madness in the viewer’s mind in this truly demented love story. Find out more at


Crossbearer (2012): Upon meeting director Adam Ahlbrandt, he was up front, passionate and friendly to the point of being creepy. However, unlike any creator of indie horror, he personifies the style of filth and sickness oozing through his mind, soul and funneling through his veins. With that being said, his second feature-length film “Crossbearer” is a bare bones horror film with layer of disturbing dread and a story that is fierce brutality, drugs, sex and revenge under the belief of the main character is serving a higher calling. Laced with unholy acts, torture, death and actions as vulgar as the dialogue, “Crossbearer” makes you feel like the prey throughout and deserves to be on the list as Ahlbrandt pushes the envelope to a taboo breaking level. Check out his other sick entries including “The Cemetery” and soon “The Hunters” which I have no doubt will be on the next list. Find out more @

Dead Hooker

Dead Hooker in a Trunk (2009): Directed by the Twisted Soska Sister’s, their debut feature film released on “IFC Midnight” was conceived from their celebrated final film school short project. A 180 degree turn from their sophomore film “American Mary”, Dead Hooker is unpredictable with ample amounts of blood, violence, attitude and fun! Containing a central and hectic premise, the Soska’s star as two sides of the same coin as they create a twisted world surrounding a long night and a hooker in their trunk! Why this film is pure madness and truly cult for so many fans of “The Twisted Twins”, it has a dark heart with solid friendships, humorous dialogue, a bit of religion and fucking kick ass soundtrack! “Dead Hooker in a Trunk” is a fun way to begin your day with blood, violence, hard language, kick ass action and underlining elements of indie horror that propelled these sisters into the success and unflinching tale that reflects so many troupes, sub-genres and FX of horror!  Find out more at

Excision poster

Excision (2012): A study in the psychology of family, obsession, coming of age and no apologizes lust and desire, “Excision” starring AnnaLynne McCord as the disturbing and playful Pauline. With an underlining perspective and extremely dark and dysfunctional story to tell, “Excision” is supported by an incredibly talented cast and performances (Traci Lords, Roger Bart, Ariel Winter, Matthew Gray Gubler, John Waters, Malcolm McDowell, Marlee Matlin and Ray Wise to just name a handful) lays the foundation for of the great teen drama storytelling, soul staining gore, wonderful editing and infecting surgical sequences that will make the act of cringing a reflex. A methodical, indie blood bath, “Excision” takes body horror to an unhealthily level and is not for the faint of heart. Definitely one of the most visceral films in the last five years, it encompasses all that nightmares are made of with unyielding direction by Richard Bates Jr who rocks! Find out more at

Devils night

His Devil’s Night (2013): Insanity… brilliant… disturbing… trippy… These have been some of the words to describe director and writer Michael Todd Schneider’s ode to madness with “His Devil’s Night”. Schneider stars in story of an escaped mental patient who over one night runs rampant dressed as Jesus on a journey that unfolds as vicious and dreamlike with no exposition within the twisted psychosis of Schneider character. Featuring all the elements that make extreme and art house films a disturbing pleasure, Schneider directs and shoots this film from moment one to the liberating end as if you are watching from his eyes. Utilizing all of his sets, props and cast along powerful imagery and sequences, “His Devil’s Night” will horrify as well as captivate you. Anything goes as the viewer of this extreme and disturbing journey of this visceral project. Find out more @ 


Martyrs (2008): To experience a film like “Martyrs” is to be taken through each level of hell. Written and directed by the brilliant Pascal Laugier, “Martyrs” is the story of a woman Lucie (Mylene Jampnoi) seeking revenge for her kidnapping and excessive abuse focused on a much more sinister intent and belief. In the process of her journey to extract bloody and unflinching vengeance, she is followed by her best friend Anna (Morjana Alaoui) whom formed a friendship at the group home to come with her to discover the truth and destroy her guilt. This is the first level of hell within this film. As Lucie and Anna uncover the past, they are abducted by a religious group who put them through unimaginable tortures in the name of belief with the ultimate goal is to experience martyrism. Visually stunning and powerful with cinematography that utilizes well planned sequences and the intimacy that you as the viewer hope you would never experience; Laugier never loses control in plotting and presenting the narrative that rips you apart with each step towards the final moments. Offering visually spectacular FX and a final scene that will leave you shocked and speechless, the film is crafted like a symphony that is composed and conducted in the darkest nightmares thought possible. “Martyrs” has a disturbing beauty on so many levels and is a film worth discovering as it is a solid pillar of the very honest and macabre “New French Extremity”. For those who have seen this film, the impact it left on you is forever with a vicious, emotional experience that is the foundation of quality cinema and moral discussions. I dare you not to discuss it after viewing as there are so many ideals. In the tradition of great European horror films like “Haute Tension”, “Inside”, “Funny Games”, “Eden Lake”, “Frontier (s)”, “Irreversible” and “The Human Centipede” series, “Martyrs” encompasses all of them and more as Laugier creates a ferocious tale. One thing I will say for the overseas market is that their taste for disturbing content and the terrifying look at personal history and horror is second to none. Upon constructing this list, up until 2011 no one could match “Martyrs” as the most extreme and disturbing film. Laugier’s trip into the inferno was the most disturbing since its release until 2011. Find out more at 


Sloppy the Psychotic (2013): The only clown film entry on this list (even though clowns are considered at the top of the list for fears no matter age, size or gender), “Sloppy the Psychotic” turns many horror clown genre films on their ass with such blatant, disturbing violence and content around. Director Mike O’Mahony’s (Maniac Films) tells the story of a man whose life is crumbling and how he psychologically breaks down into complete slaughter on everyone (and I MEAN EVERYONE!) that is infused with insane effects and very dark humor. The words dangerous, sick and twisted are just a warm up for shocks, twists, fun and horrific tale that “Sloppy the Psychotic” offers. A pure indie horror gem and surprising to this viewer to see the growing body of impressive work by O’Mahony. For viewers, this means more terrible and disturbing projects and entries on lists like this. Find out more @ 

The Butcher

The Butcher (2007): After viewing this film, I felt dirty. Not many films can make me feel this way as writer and director Kim Jin-Won achieves this. Using the POV camera perspective, every aspect is meant to disturb, terrify or creep out the viewer in an unhealthy realism. Taking place from both the predator and prey perspective, Jin-Won creates that style of snuff like film. Released on the former “Palisades Tartan Asian Extreme” label (now Kino Lorber), “The Butcher” truly makes the viewing experience as uncontrollably tense and realistic that you feel like the victims, you are clawing for life and trying to survive. With a nightmare of a setting, imagery shown through the camera eyes, cringing voices/sound effects and symbolic costumes (massive pig never lets you go), there is no normal storyline to the film other than torture, abduction, murder, torture and survival. You are so engulfed by each perspective and the circumstances are overwhelming and sensory. Think “Hostel” meets the vilest slasher film, that’s close to Korean film “The Butcher”. Find out more at  


The Loved Ones (2009): Taking nearly two years before its U.S. DVD release, “The Loved Ones” is a twisted discretionary tale by writer and director Sean Byrne. Taking “Fatal Attraction” and “Carrie” to an unhealthy level as well as addressing high school issues, this tale from down under has been one of the most shocking films over the decade. Please do not get me wrong, this is not an “ABC Afterschool Special” (well a really twisted and messed up one)… Lessons within the narrative are taught with pain, torture and squirmish moments that are weaved with such creepy moments between a father and his daughter. This horrific car accident (I mean story) revolves around a teen named Lola (Robin McLeavy) who asks her classmate Brent (Xavier Samuel) who she fancies, to go to the prom with her. Brent turns her down nicely and decides to go with another girl, Holly (Victoria Thaine) in their class. Most young girls would be upset about being turned down by their dream date and would move on to ask another boy. However, Lola is just bat shit crazy! As they say: a woman scorned… well, a family scorned! Abducting and taking revenge, Lola and her Daddy (John Brumpton) decided that if his little princess Lola won’t get what she wants and if Brent will not go with her to the prom then they will have their own prom by kidnapping Brent along with binding, drugging, drilling (yes drilling into his head), cleansing him and of course more torture. Overall, “The Loved Ones is a great commentary on the amount of power children have as it is paired with the creepy and unsettling to watch relationship between her jealous father and manipulative daughter. This film is everything that horror fans crave and love about the genre in its very extreme sense. A huge reason for this is that the production is filmed in Australia which shows tolerance for pushing the line and free expression. Now available in most stores or online, The Loved Ones is one of the hardest films to experience as a viewer for too many reasons but it’s so worth it as fan! Find out more at  


The Turnpike Killer (2009): Casting the massive, intimidating as well as good-looking actor Bill McLaughlin as the vicious and unrelenting serial killer Jon Beest, director Evan Makrogiannis and Brian Weaver (both also directed the very dark “The Super”) wrote, produced and directed this slasher film that offers low budget, grizzly horror for those that especially enjoy menacing 70’s & 80’s horror. Sporting a true indie cast (most based in the tri-state area) including actress cult actress Manoush and actor Edgar Moye, Makrogiannis and Weaver let loose the beast (from nearly the first moment) which is a brutal attack on the senses! Like many of the other choices on this list, the psychology of this film is deep and disturbing just like the lead monster Beest. This film also goes all out to not only to produce a bare bones slasher film feel but a vicious grind house style with full nudity, torture, vicious actions and cults that will leave many viewers upset after viewing. “The Turnpike Killer” is not for everybody as the rising talent of Makrogiannis and Weaver are in many people’s opinions dangerous. Find out more @ 

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