Happy Birthday PS4!

The PlayStation 4 turns 1 year old! But how far has it come since then?

On November 15th 2013, the PlayStation 4 was released in North America. Yeah it has been a year already, time flies when you are gaming.

The PlayStation 4 has been leading the charge since the start of the next gen wars and continues to keep that stride. As of right now the PS4 is available in over 58 countries around the world and breaking sales that have been held by the predecessor PlayStation 2. The PS4 is looking to be the most successful console that Sony has ever produced. With the total number of sales of over 13 million and a half units in just one year, they have a lot of odds in their favor.

Since it has been a year lets see what the PlayStation 4 has done and released since its’ launch.

Sony started off with releasing Knack and Killzone at launch which were both pretty good games to start a console. Knack trying to be the fun family-friendly game (which if you haven’t played it is family looking title but definitely not friendly) and Killzone Shadow Fall for the more advanced gamers.









Both titles show some pretty distinct graphic advances from the PS3 and what the PS4 could give us but as we saw that was only the start. We then saw the release of inFamous Second Son which brought some new conduits to the Sony universe and created one the best looking titles yet! From the beautiful landscapes of Seattle to weather changes this was definitely a gorgeous game that made great use of the touchpad and the motion control of the remote.
Unknown-2Sony learned from their mistake with the PS3 that people may not want to buy the system for a video entertainment source but instead a video GAME source. Besides those top three exclusive titles there is also:

Final Fantasy XIV
MLB The Show
The Last of Us Remastered

Coming Soon in the next year!
Let It Die
Little Big Planet 3
Ratchet & Clank Remastered
The Order 1886
Tekken Revolution
Uncharted 4

2. Better Networks!
Yeah you might say really? Well yeah! Sony has tried to boost up its’ A game and competing with the Xbox Store. They have made PlayStation Plus a must to play online but the perks are absolutely great! If you just spent all your money on the console and got that 30 day trial of PS + you will have plenty of games that you can get for free! The connections have been better in my experiences of matchmaking in gaming and the updates are not as annoying as the PS3 (keyword AS).  The updates have been a little more frequent but give you plenty of perks.

3. The Design!
Both onscreen and physically the PS4 is a slimmer and sexier machine. Making the screens easy to navigate and making titles almost like a flick of the wrist. In its’ most recent update they have added themes so we all don’t have that annoying blue screen but instead different games and sounds now to make each PS4 a little more unique.

4. Exclusive Content!
While with the PS3 exclusive content was not very good or just didn’t really matter now Sony has definitely secured some nice timed deals and some permanent DLC. For instance AC IV: Black gives an extra of hour content, Destiny gives more missions, and Watch Dogs give more bonus missions. Are they all great pieces of exclusive content? no, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

5. The Price is Right Bob!Unknown-3
Sony knew from the start that they had to make this console sell right! They had all the opposite ideas of the game sharing concept from Microsoft (which gave them thousands of fans jumping from Microsoft). With a steal price tag of $399 compared to $499 and now packaging numerous bundles from Destiny to Assassin’s Creed. Sony made the right move in making a game console that had improved from all the fails of the PS3 launch. Way to go Sony you saw what you did wrong and fixed it!



Happy Birthday PS4 and lets see what you do for the next year!

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