Hector Valle talks Spanish Horror with Psychosis Y Dementia: A Love Story

A different kind of slasher story

I was lucky enough to catch up with Hector Valle and pick his brain on his pet project “Psychosis Y Dementia: A Love Story”. It’s a project long in the making, very original for it’s genre, and this writer personally hopes to see it in a completed form. Check it out!

John Lepper: Thank you, Mr. Valle, for this opportunity to interview you. So, you are working on making a project called Psychosis y Dementia a reality. What can you tell our readers about it?

Hector Valle: Basically, it’s a horror romance but NOTHING like Twilight. 400 years ago a demon of retribution is bound and is revived by the blood of an innocent victim. In his quest, he crosses paths with the victim’s daughter. He is now charged with protecting her. The story follows the bloody path of revenge.

JL: Awesome! It’s definitely got originality going for it. I’ve gathered that this is a multi-media project. You’re trying to release this story in a number of different formats, is that correct?

HV: Yes. I have a comic in production which will explain the creature’s origins. I am presently editing the film script into a novel and the film project is pending. I hope to also turn the franchise into a TV series.

JL: That’s great! I love ongoing stories. If it’s good, I don’t want to see it end. That’s why I love sequels. What would you say have been some of your greatest inspirations for this story?

HV: My insane imagination of course! But the first muse was a song called ‘Hacha Y Machete’ by salsa singer Hector Lavoz. That song gave me the idea of a tag team slasher duo. It all derived from there.

JL: So, you do define this as fitting into the slasher genre?

HV: Absolutely, there is a machete wielding demon of retribution, meeting out bloody justice. His supernatural power coming from a Mayan witch doctor.

JL: Always up for a good supernatural slasher film. And one where the slasher is the hero (or antihero as the case may be?) is definitely an exciting prospect. Ok, big question. Your dream comes true, sky’s the limit, where do you want your project to go? What’s your ideal outcome?

HV: It would be to start a new dawn in Spanish horror. The comic, the films (w sequels that I’m presently writing) the TV series… the sky is the limit if the creature is accepted as the new icon of horror! Then there are other horror projects that I’m working on. Vampiress and genies and demons… oh my!

JL: Fantastic! Well, I hope you make it. I really want to see this movie happen! Before I let you go, do you have anything more to add?

HV: Only to have anyone and everyone click on the film site. The more hits I get, the greater the chance of Forrest Whitaker producing the film. And for anyone who writes or wants to produce films… just follow your dreams. You never know what greatness lies within until you unleash it!

JL: Great advice! I couldn’t agree more! Again, thank you for the opportunity to interview you on this project and best of luck!

HV: Thank you John. It’s people like you that support the efforts of struggling artists like me that makes it all worth while!

Check out Hector’s project page and help him make his dream a reality! Check it out HERE!

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