Help Kickstart “The Dreadful Mind” Photobook

A spine-tingling 34-page photobook filled with amazing horror images to satisfy any horror fan out there

Photographer Michael T. Snyder has created a beautiful yet grotesque series of stunning image that will fill 34 pages of a horror-themed Photobook. The themes of the photographs vary from voodoo, demonology, madness and more. The last step to publication of the Photobook that will be entitled “The Dreadful Mind” lies in our hands, as Snyder needs our help with funding the final stages so the book can be properly distributed to fans and collectors worldwide.


All the shooting for The Dreadful Mind is finished; shooting took place over a period of several days back in December where five models, two makeup artists, and more were recruited to create these brilliant images. Snyder has been spending the last several weeks processing and editing the photographs to make them perfect for the final production.


Backers of the Dreadful Mind project will be rewarded with various awesome items based on the amount donated. A pledge of $10 or more will allow you to vote on a cover photo for the book as well as your name listed as a credit in it. A pledge of $15 or more will grace you with a copy of the book. When $25 or more is pledged, you recieve all of the above perks plus one printed image from the photobook, and an invitation to a special online discussion with the book’s creator.

The campaign still has seven days to go and has already raised around $400 but still needs our help to reach it’s goal. The link to the kickstart page is here. You can also watch a special behind-the-scenes video from the shooting process on the kickstarter page.

Check out some of the creeptastical (yes, I just made that up) images below:






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