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Hey guys, Jeff here. As most of you probably know I’m a writer for the Blood-Shed. I’ve been here almost six months now, and I have been having the time of my life. But its time to expand. That’s why, with your help, I’m publishing my first book, The Blood-Sheds Ultimate Guide to Obscure Horror. A compilation of previously published articles, new ones to come, and others exclusive to the book, The Ultimate Guide looks to highlight some of horrors most forgotten masterpieces. But publishing a book isnt cheap.. and that’s where you come in!


   Through the powers of crowdfunding, the very platform that helped give the site it’s start and publish it’s first comic book,  were now set to publish another book. My fellow writer and good friend the Film Phreak already has several excellent books of his own for sale in our store, and I’ll be using the same program he did to self-publish The Ultimate Guide. By self-publishing, The Blood-shed can assure that every word we write is our own, free from censorship or bias.

     But publishing isn’t cheap. Editing, producing, purchasing cover-art; this all costs money. That’s why I started an Indiegogo to fund-raise costs. While it will cost significantly more than 500 dollars to publish, I have enough of my own capital to fund the book in part, so I only asked the masses for the bare minimum.

 We have a ton of excellent perks including

.signed copies

.your name in the book

.creative input

.production credits

.Me tattooing your name on my body, which I will feature in a later article

        It only takes one dollar to get your name on a Blood-Shed production, and only ten to secure your own copy. Help The Blood-Shed expand today!

 You can contribute to The Blood-Sheds Ultimate Guide to Obscure Horror Here

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