Horrifying Short Film ‘HALLWAY’ Wins Crypt Tv’s Emerging Artist Award

Syrian Filmmaker Issam Rayess takes home the prize

An artist has apparently emerged, as Crypt Tv has handed out its Emerging Artist Award to Issam Rayess, a filmmaker located in Syria whose short film ‘HALLWAY’ helped him to take home the coveted, and highly competitive, prize. Before you read on about what I thought of the short, I’d advise you give it a watch down below.


Man, was that not creepy? HALLWAY managed to do what most great horror shorts excel at; creating a limited and strangling atmosphere on a limited budget, and show off some really tremendous scares. The claustrophobia of the rooms, the mans vision intercutting with hallucination, and that ending that seems to imply something awful has gone on. No wonder it won it’s director such a prestigious prize. Congratulations Issam, and welcome to the Crypt Family!

Jeff is Head Writer for the Bloodshed and eats, drinks, and bleeds horror. You can send him harassing messages at Headoasp@gmail.com. You can check out Crypt Tv’s Facebook Page Here.

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