‘Horror Fans Need To Stand United!’

We Need To Stand Together, Not Turn On Each Other

There’s a sense of kinship among horror fans.  We’re united by our love of films, books and TV shows that scare us.  We actually get thrills and comfort from being scared.  We see each new entry into the horror genre as a challenge.  No matter what some people think, we’re not ‘sick freaks.’   We see horror movies as a safe way to get scared.

We just choose to entertain ourselves with something different.  For us, exploring matters that are dark and violent are therapeutic.  It’s a way to take a break from reality.  For us horror fans, there’s nothing more exciting than forming a bond with someone who shares our passion.  We love to make friends who share our views on our favorite horror movie, villain, heroine, death scene and so much more.  There’s no harm in wanting to find relief from the real world.

The real harm comes from horror fans who choose to attack other fans.  They make up ridiculous statements, draw battle lines on who is a ‘real horror fan.’  These people will mock and insult those who don’t agree with their point of views.  Woe to the person who prefers the Nightmare On Elm Street remake over the original.  You could even face the fires of Hell if you don’t think Rob Zombie’s movies suck.

There’s no need to turn on each other.  Yes, there’s nothing wrong with having your own opinion.  By all means, have your favorite director.  If you choose to enjoy a remake, that’s okay.  You’re not doing anything wrong.  If you insult someone based on their taste in movies, you’re doing something terrible.  You have no right to insult someone based on the fact they disagree.  You also have no right to label someone who enjoys horror movies.  Horror fans need to unite.  If you meet someone who enjoys horror, you’ve met a potential friend.  You should treat them as such.
There’s no point in attacking someone that has a common interest.

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