Horror Photographer A. M. Ewings Talks 360 Degrees of Fear

Horror in the new medium of 360 pictures

360 degree photography and video are relatively new technologies. And yet it does my black little heart good to see that someone has already turned to them to portray horror. I speak of photographer A. M. Ewings, whose work I stumbled across on Facebook. I followed up with Ewings and we had a talk about his work. Check it out!

Johnny Macabre: Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Mr. Ewings. So, you are a photographer and you are gaining some attention for your 360 degree horror photos. How did you get involved in photography?

A. M. Ewings: I’ve enjoyed photography since I was quite young. And focused on it in my 20s. And about 4 years ago I started horror photography and worked hard at it ever since.

JM: Very cool. What caused the refocusing on horror?

AME: I started off doing a Zombie shoot and really enjoyed it so I made a individual page on horror. From there, it just grew and grew.

JM: Do you have any sources you draw inspiration from?

AME: I’ve always enjoyed horror films. But to be honest, I never really took direct inspiration from any source. I enjoy coming up with new ideas for all the followers to enjoy.

JM: And I’d say you are doing a good job of it. So, when did you start doing the 360 degree pics and what made you want to give it a try?

AME: Roughly about a month ago I started on the panoramic photos. I wanted something people could interact more with and people loved it. Then I bought a 360 camera so I could go out and make scenes that tell more of a story.

JM: It’ll be all greek to me, but I know we have some camera savvy readers. What type of rig are you using?

AME: I use for 360 Samsung gear.

JM: Gotta love Samsung. So, what’s next? Do you have any more plans or something special you want to try at some point?

AME: I’m going to keep progressing with my characters, I’m always experimenting with new camera angles and unique ways to entertain my followers. My mind is always on the go.

JM: Fantastic! Well, thank you again for taking the time for this interview. Before I let you go, do you have anything else to tell the readers?

AME: I am always trying to produce great content for all of you horror lovers!

I would embed some of the pictures here, but 360 pictures lose their functionality when embedded apparently. So, you’ll just have to click HERE and go right to his page to check out his awesome work!


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