I Am Legend Reboot on the Horizon!

Hoping for less zombie, more vampire

The 2007 film “I Am Legend” (starring Will Smith) was a huge success. But, though several attempts were made, no continuation ever came forth. It has now been announced, however, that Warner Bros. is moving forward with a reboot!

The story is that writer Gary Graham wrote a script called “A Garden at the End of the World” which the WB felt was similar enough in plot to spur them into moving forward and adapt it into a new “I Am Legend” film.

Producers Akiva Goldsman, James Lassiter, and Joby Harold, all alumni from the first film, are back for this new installment.

This writer, for one, hopes this new adaptation of the novel is truer to it’s source (even a vague resemblance would be nice, actually). The original novel strictly dealt with classic vampires. Stake through the heart, garlic, etc. Not deformed creatures that just happen to hate sunlight. Here is the list of things the first film had in common with the book:
1. The character’s name
2. There is a dog
3. Most of the people on Earth are dead

End of List.

The point of the novel is in the title. I Am Legend. The last human on Earth kills as many of these vampires as he can. They hate him, they fear him. He is infamous. To them, he is the monster.

Will the new film be true to the book? Well, it won’t take much for it to be true-ER. But only time will tell. Stay tuned!

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