Iggy Pop & Dario Argento Crowdfunding a ‘Sandman’ Movie

And the plot sounds terrifying!

Based off of the German short-story Der Sandman from 1816, comes this new adaptation to be completely crowdfunded and is being supported by musician Iggy Pop & Italian film director Dario Argento. The plot of the horrifying short story the Sandman steals the eyes of children and feeds them to his own children. Yeah, you read that right….


However, in Argento’s version the film will follow a man named Nathan who was traumatized as a child by a serial killer called ‘The Sandman.’ The Sandman was known for killing his victims with a ‘lethally jagged melon spoon,’ and of course, removing their eyes. After the brutal death of his mother who was murdered by the Sandman, Nathan killed him… or so he thought. Years later, Nathan is confronted by the crazed serial killer again and all hell breaks loose.

Iggy Pop has stated he’d love to play The Sandman and that it would ‘make his life complete.’ The writer of the script has been chosen as David Tully, who is known scripting the horror movie ‘Djinn.’ The soundtrack will also feature many big names such as The Stone Temple Pilots and Scott Weiland.

Argento is best known for the mindtrip of a movie ‘Suspiria’ and the horror flick ‘Inferno,’ among many others. Filming will most likely begin sometime in late 2015, depending how far they have come with the crowdfunding. As far as casting goes, there have been no other announcements. Stay turned to the Shed for more details as they come!

Check out the video interview/announcement of the project below:

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