Interview With Mark Mckenna on Combat Jacks and The Tomb of Baalbrith

Many Comic book readers and collectors, if you list a dozen of comic book’s most well known characters from X-Men , Avengers and Marvel characters to Justice League, The Sinster...

Many Comic book readers and collectors, if you list a dozen of comic book’s most well known characters from X-Men , Avengers and Marvel characters to Justice League, The Sinster Seven and the whole DC Universe, to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Foot Clan, one of a select few names will come up among the talented array of Artist. That put pen to page to bring these charaters to life.

Comic artist, Mark McKenna, is just such an artist that has worked on all of thes characters for more than thirty years. Mr McKenna is taking his talents and vision to create a new series of characters in a new sci-fi , horror based collection of comic books.

I had the honor of talking with Mark McKenna about his exciting new projects.

Samantha:             Michelle talks about your accolades with DC Comics, Marvel. I’m a bit interested in your new projects. Can you give a little summary of the new horror based comic that you have upcoming?

Mark:                     Oh Sure……Here’s a database list of my comic credits to start-  Mark McKenna – Comic Book DB

Mark:                So I have created two horror/sci-fi IPws in the past few years. The Tomb of Baalbrith which is a stand-alone 48-page B&W homage to the 1950 rubber-suited monster movies and the more sci-fi oriented Combat Jacks. Which I recently collected the comic mini-series into a 144-page hardcover. Combat Jacks Combat Jacks official site of the Combat Jacks comic book.

Mark:              I‘d be happy to share the digital 144 pg combat jacks w both of u if you have interest in seeing how I created and pieced together the crazy concept of alien pumpkins on a newfound planet in our solar system

Samantha:     That would be great I would definitely like a copy as a work-study for my article.

Mark:            As the story moves forward we come to find out that our pumpkins on earth are really aliens that have been here for millions of years and ultimately responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs, not the ice age or an asteroid. If I can get an email, I’ll transfer the book to u, I think I have Baalberith digital as well.

Samantha:     Wow. I can’t wait to read up on your alien pumpkins on earth angle. This is going to be great. Alien pumpkins. Wow. My mind is officially blown.

Mark:  haha, It started as a one shot.

Samantha :    She looks bad ass.

Mark: Theres 3 kick ass women in the book.

Samantha I would not want to be on her opposing side.

Mark:  all real women wouldn’t.

Mark:           I ran a Kickstarter campaign for the individual comics and then the hardcover. one of the perks was to be a space marine = in the book.

Samantha:       These covers are awesome. You have so much detail. How long does it take you to finalize a cover?.

Mark:                2 days. maybe 4 after pencils, inks colors, logo.


Samantha:        Wow. That’s dedication in the fine print. No pun intended. LOL

Mark:                 I even had Horror director John Carpenters wife, Sandy King write my Foreword sent both books plenty for u to peruse.

Samantha:         That’s amazing. Your vision, creativity, and detail are absolutely astounding.

Mark:                 Thank u, it’s my 33 years being a mainstream comic creator now I’m able to put that knowledge into my own IPs and, quite honestly, own ’em not just work for hire.

Samantha:          I can’t wait to read your comics.

Mark:                 But drawing Spider-Man and Batman allows mew to have a fan base to follow me when I do my own projects.

Samantha:       As I said before, your accolades were plentiful. I noticed you had the honor of creating the 100 issues for many well known comic series.

Mark:                   Those 100 books? Those are actually 100 creators drawing pieces for the titles I thought you created the 100th issue for each name.

Mark:                  No.. I’m not sure what you are seeing?!

Samantha:        Sorry. My green is showing.

Mark:                 It’s OK.

Mark:   Thank u so much .. when ready, lmk if I can link or support the article.. and thanks kindly Michelle!

For more information on Mark’s work check out where you can own your art work from this artist.

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