The Blood Widow visits the Blood Shed

This year saw the release of slasher film Blood Widow. It has mixed reviews, but one thing no one can argue against is the performance of classically trained actress and stunt woman Gabrielle Ann Henry, the Blood Widow herself. I got into contact with Gabrielle and this afternoon I interviewed her. Here’s how it went down!

John Lepper: Gabrielle, I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do this interview. First off, what was your inspiration to want to do movies?

Gabrielle Henry: Thank you, I am very happy to be doing this interview with you. I have always loved television and movies and since my first role on stage when I was in the 8th grade I was hooked on acting, I just knew that it was something I needed in my life. While I started in theatre I have always been drawn to film and was so happy for this opportunity to make the transition with Blood Widow!

JL: Yes, and ‘Intrusive Behavior’ as well. Both of which are horror films. Is this the genre you plan to focus on or do you intend to branch out into other areas?

GH: I do intend to branch out and would love to focus on the action films genre if possible. Of course I would open to dealing into any genre if the story and characters capture my interest. But for now I am trying to steer my career towards action.

JL: Very cool. And very smart not to pass up an opportunity, no matter the genre. As far as action films, you did your own stunts for Blood Widow, correct? Do you have any formal training in that regard? If so, what kind?

GH: Yes I did! I am very proud of my stunt credit in the movie. I have taken stage combat both unarmed hand to hand and armed combat with swords and rapiers. I plan on continuing my training and improving my ability to do my own stunts whenever possible

JL: Stage combat has always been a favorite of mine too. Is there anything else you did to prepare for your role as the killer Blood Widow?

GH: Most of my perpetration for the role of Blood Widow was mental actually. I have never encountered a character like her and I spent alot of time getting into her head and understanding who she is to better help me give a motive and purpose behind her movements. I’ve always looked at my role as an actor is to allow a character to come to life through me and project their truth to the world. It was a challenge at first read with Blood Widow. I had to dig deep to find her.

JL: Mental preparation is always important. You mentioned to me before that you are trained in a variety of acting methods, including Chekhow, Stanislovsky, and Meisner. Was a particular one of these especially helpful in this role?
GH: Probably more Stanislavski than the rest as I spent allot of time finding common ground with Blood Widow’s character. Also helpful was remembering lessons from one acting class I took that focused on movement. Really getting out of your head and allowing your movements to flow at whatever pace and style that fits the character.

JL: Well, it sounds like you really gave it your all and it certainly shows in your performance. One more question: what’s next? Any other projects lined up in the future that you can talk about?

GH: Thank you, all of the work is always more than worth it if the audience enjoys it! I am currently filming a web series, ‘The Amanda Chronicles, which is action based and follows my character through a dystopian future as she is on the run from the government. I am also involved in the pre-production of a feature film ‘Gnarly‘, which is a surfing thriller based out of Cocoa beach, hopefully that will begin filming in the near future. Besides that I am always on the look for my next great project and hope to continue acting in amazing roles like Blood Widow.

I have a website that always features my current projects both in the acting and modeling worlds if you or any of your readers want to be kept up to date with my career.

JL: Both projects sound great! It looks like we’ll be seeing lot’s more from you in the future. I’ll be sure to check out that website myself. Thank you again for this opportunity to interview you and best of luck in your endeavors!

GH: That’s the plan, I do not intend on going anywhere but on to bigger and better from here! It was great doing this interview with you. Thank you so much! You too!


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  • vincent
    11 March 2017 at 7:24 am - Reply

    “I am very proud of my stunt credit in the movie. I have taken stage combat both unarmed hand to hand and armed combat with swords and rapiers. I plan on continuing my training and improving my ability to do my own stunts whenever possible”

    Bullcrap right there. She’s not qualified to do stunts yet she still got it despite only having the most basic training. Meanwhile men wanting to get any sort of stunt work have to be well trained in relevant skills prior to signing on a job and can’t be in the process of adding more skills. They also cannot be soft bodied or scrawny like the girls in this film are. She’s just another BS stunt woman in the making.