Jason does in fact return in new Friday the 13th!

You can't keep a good slasher down.

Ah, the internet rumor mill. So adept at twisting things around. One rumor that has been circulating is that Jason Voorhees, the hockey mask-garbed killer of the Friday the 13th film franchise, may not return for the newest reboot of said series. Well, at last we have some clarification.

Originally, Brad Fuller, the producer at Platinum Dunes, had made this statement and it appears it was taken out of context:

“I don’t know, because I don’t know if we’re going to have Jason. I don’t know which Jason we’re going to have. I can tell you this: I love Derek Mears, I love working with him and he’s a dream so we’d be lucky to have him.”

More recently, Fuller spoke to Movieweb on the situation and had this to say:

“It was a misquote. I had just said ‘I don’t know who would play Jason Voorhees. Because I don’t know what age he would be, or how we would use him. Are we clear about that? That was the original context of the question. ‘Is Derek Mears going to be playing Jason?’ I said , ‘I don’t know who the character is going to be, or at what point in his life we are going to be engaging in him with.’ Somehow that became, ‘He’s not going to be in the movie.’ But of course he’s going to be in the movie!”

Well, campers, you can breath a sigh of relief (and commence running for your lives) because Jason Voorhees is back.




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