Jason Voorhees was a Deadite the entire time!

Hindsight is 20/20

If you’ve read the comic book Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, it revealed some pretty cool stuff. It was an adaptation of an official screenplay for a sequel to Freddy vs Jason and revealed, among other things, that Jason is in fact a type of Deadite (as in Evil Dead).

My only question? Why didn’t we see it before?

It obviously wasn’t written that way, but let’s run through why it works.

In Friday the 13th’s 2-4, Jason is alive, right? Well, how do you explain a normal, living human taking a machete through their chest and an ax through their head? Know a lot of people walking around having survived that?

Jason Death

And what finally put him down? Dismemberment via a young Tommy Jarvis chopping him up with his own machete. Now what was it that kills Deadites again?


In Jason Lives, the 6th installment, we saw Jason resurrected, stronger than ever, by a bolt of lightning. If you zap a years dead corpse of a normal human, they don’t come back folks. But do you know who that does remind me of? Oh, yeah, this guy:



And let’s not forget the most damning evidence of all. This scene from Jason goes to Hell:



Not the typical book you find on the dresser of the all-American family, is it? Mrs. Voorhees, why were you reading the Necronomicon Ex Mortis?

The answer is simple: she wanted her son back. Jason did not survive drowning. That much is stated right in Freddy vs Jason. He died and his mother brought him back. But something happened that made her think the ritual failed so she went into full blown psychosis and started hacking up campers.

And that, ladies and gents, is pretty good evidence to support the idea that, whether it was intended that way or not, Jason was being portrayed as a Deadite right along.


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    Any fan could tell you this makes no sense.