Jurassic World: What do we know so far?

A quick recap of the onslaught of news (and rumors) that we are being hit with!

The news on Jurassic World has turned from a trickle into a full on deluge! It’s honestly getting a bit difficult to keep up with all the news that seems to be breaking everyday on the 4th film in the Jurassic Park franchise. So, let us help you with that! Here’s what we know for sure already!

1. The movie takes place 22 years after the 1st within a fully operational Jurassic World amusement park on Isla Nublar that is up and running, receiving 20k of visitors a year.

2. The crux of the plot revolves around the introduction of a new dino, dubbed (for now) the D-Rex. Upon people starting to become jaded to seeing real dinosaurs, the D-Rex is created through genetic manipulation to be a hybrid which is more exciting for the crowds. But, well, messing with nature has expected results.

3. The film will star Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) in the lead role. Ty Simpkins, the scene stealing kid from Iron Man 3, will also be present.

4. The film currently has a June 12, 2015 release date.

5. Both t-rexes and raptors will be in the film to a significant degree.

6. A viral marketing site for the movie, operating under the guise of an official website for the amusement park itself, is online HERE.

Now, here are the rumors:

1. The raptors are tamed and are utilized by the park to try to combat the D-Rex. Some footage in the trailer of the raptors running alongside a motorcycle-riding Pratt in trailer supports this.

2. The t-rex from the original film is rumored to be back. The rex pictured on the viral site bares scars on its body in similar locations to the wounds it suffered from the raptors in the climax of the film.

3. And here’s one I am putting out there, a theory of my own: based on the description of the d-rex being extremely intelligent, the evidence of it scaling (or perhaps jumping) a 20ft+ wall in the trailer, its obvious size, and this leaked picture:
I have the theory that this clearly stated “hybrid” is a genetic combination of a t-rex and a raptor. Thoughts, anyone?



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  • Melissa Beck
    3 December 2014 at 9:15 pm - Reply

    People are saying it may be exactly like the original film just like modernized.. That would truly be disappointing.