Ladies and Gentlemen, Tremors 5 is Filming! We have the pic to prove it!

Bring on the graboids!!!

I’ve been a Tremors fan since I was a kid. I love every installment. I even followed the syfy television series religiously (and died inside a little bit when it was canceled after one season. I still want to see a graboid mixed with another animal due to the “mix master” chemical!). Years ago there were rumors that a fifth film was in the works, titled “Tremors: The Thunder FromDown Under”, which would have seen the an Australian setting. But, alas, it was not met to be. It appeared the Tremors franchise had ended.

But something survived…

Earlier this year, news sprang up that a sequel was back in production! And just today (10/15/14) it is announced that the film has officially gone before the camera in Johannesburg, South Africa (South Africa also being where this film is set)!

Not too much else is known about the film other than that is promises new twists in the series. Will we see another new form of the graboid? We have so far in every film, with 2 introducing shriekers, 3 introducing ass-blasters, and 4 introducing the small, new born graboids that can leap through the air. I can’t see them breaking tradition this time around! This writer can’t wait to see Burt Gummer (confirmed to return) tackle a new challenge with a plethora of firepower in this upcoming 2016 film!

Oh, and one more thing… Pic from the set!

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Tremors 5


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