Littlest Deadite Introduces Evil Dead to Toddlers

For horror fans eager to pass the genre love on to their kids.


As horror fans grow up and have kids of their own, there seems to be a natural desire for parents to introduce the genre love to their prodigy.  Works like Scooby-Doo and the Goosebumps series are great horror primers for pre-teens, presenting supernatural concepts and disturbing imagery in ways that are easy for young minds to process.  But what if you’re anxious to introduce your tot to the joys of horror while he’s still pre-verbal?  Sean Hughes has just what you’re looking for!

The artist and father was so amped to share his love of The Evil Dead franchise with his wee tyke, he created a bed-times story that stays very true to Sam Raimi’s epic mythos: The Littlest Deadite!  With a repetitious refrain reminiscent of the Dr. Suess’s Are You My Mother, this disarming little creeper should give your youngsters some interesting dreams!


If you’re anxious to order your mini-me a copy on Amazon you’ll have to cool your jets; at the moment, The Littlest Deadite is purely an online, digital experience.  Enjoy!









Read the conclusion to The Littlest Deadite on Hughes official website: HERE.

What do you think about Hughes’s transformation of The Evil Dead into a children’s book?  Would you read this to your toddler at bedtime?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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