‘Motel 6 Feet Under’ Haunt in Anaheim- Getting Lost and Loving it

“Check In. Then Get Lost”

In an area with filled with theme parks and haunts galore this Halloween season, its refreshing to find a place that is affordable and family friendly. Motel 6 Feet Under is a fun retro-feel haunt right across the freeway from Disneyland that gives you more jump scares than per dollar spent than any other event. As a not-easy-to-scare haunter myself, I was surprised when I found myself jumping from fright more than I did at even Universal. Yeah right, you say. But it was true. Motel 6 Feet Under is a simple concept, but a super well done maze that got me totally lost and confused.

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The star of the attraction is little Mabel. Once you get into the maze, the little girl doesn’t want you to leave, and will do anything she can to confuse you and make sure you have a very hard time finding the exit. Mable is a little girl who lives in the motel… for all eternity. She has other friends inside, dead and undead motel staff, that will work very hard to keep you in this literal tourist trap! Just when you think you find the right path, it changes. Is it magic? Are the ghosts messing with your mind? You will just have to come to the motel yourself and find out!

In their second year at the same location, Motel 6 Feet Under has some new twists. This year they have added Exclusive Back Stage Tours or a chance to have a Walk on Part in the Maze for you and a friend! Check out the website for more info.

westocoastercole  westcoasterlobbysponsorMotel 6 Feet Under is brought to you by the charitable organization called Building Occupational Opportunities or BOO! The mission of the non-profit organization is to provide job training to underserved adults. They use the haunt as the training ground. The program members learn about business techniques, by learning all aspects of building and running a haunt. What a great program!

For more information about Tickets, BOO! programs, schedules, promotions, merchandise and deals visit www.MOTEL6FeetUnder.org

Motel 6 Feet Under is open now through November 5th
Also open on Halloween
Wednesdays Thursdays and Sundays (closed Nov 2)
Fridays and Saturdays
Tickets are $15 for General Admission
$25 for a Front of the Line Fast Pass
Special 2 for $20 Ticket Price on Wednesday, Thursdays and Sundays

All photos by Westcoaster.net


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