Official Document States the Military to use Chaplains, Robots to Combat Zombies

CONPLAN 8888 details the Pentagon's plans to fight different zombie scenarios

The US military apparently has things all figured out for when the zombie apocalypse happens. Back in 2011, they wrote up CONPLAN 8888, detailing all of the possible scenarios and how they intend to combat them. They detail different types of zombie possibilities (pathogen zombies, evil magic zombies, radiation zombies, and even the deadly chicken zombie) and go on to explain their plans to deal with different situations.

For example, the document states:

“The Chaplain Corps may provide the only viable means of combating EMZ’s (Evil Magic Zombies).”

Other parts of the document detail the strategy to use robots to keep American factories going so as not to draw zombies to them with the allure of a meaty meal.

The mission statement of the document is as follows:

“On order, CDRUSSSTRATCOM will execute global military operations to protect human kind from zombies and, if directed, eradicate zombie threats to human safety and aid civil authorities in maintaining law and order and restoring basic services during and after a zombie attack.”

The full document can be read here:

This writer can only express concern at the 3 year age of the document, hence it not taking into consideration the most dangerous type of zombie in the present day: the Justin Bieber fan.

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