One of Cult Cinema’s Crappiest Classics: A Look Back at Monsturd

"Out of the Toilet and Into Your Nightmares"

       “Hey guys, this is part 1 of 3 on my coverage of 4321 Films and their filmography.  This weeks topic: Monsturd”

          Some people spend $3000 dollars on a trip DisneyWorld. Others make a film about a serial killer made of shit that pops out of toilets and eats people. And here we have Monsturd, one of the most infamous indie films of the last 20 years. Revolting, original and often bowel-bustingly funny, this is a film every dumbass whose laughed at a fart joke can enjoy.

As Monsturd begins serial killer Jack Schmitt, with the help of a life like dummy and a security team that makes Mayberry look like San Quentin, escapes prison into the sewers running under Butte County (get it… butt?) only to melt in the toxic wastes. Luckily for Jack (and unluckily for the townsfolk)  local evil scientist Dr.Stern has recently dumped a vat of super germs down the grates, mutating Schmitt into a literal shitman. Now no toilet is safe, and with the annual Butte County Chili Cookoff coming up ,everyone is in deadly danger.


“The Shitman Cometh”

       As with many indie films, production values are not one of Monsturd’s strengths. Other than a surprisingly great score that does a good job of building atmosphere, and a freaking brilliant theme song played over the end credits, this is a film that was obviously shot on the cheap. Acting ranges from “not bad” to “don’t quit your day job”, and the effects, while commendably gross, lack the polish seen in high-budgeted productions.  But there are benefits of not being held down as a major Hollywood production.  And these benifits come in the form of some of the most politically incorrect, 12 year old catering, scatologically toned humor you could ever hope for.

    Cops beating the piss out of puppets, erect statues, circles of vomiting officers, and of course, a giant piece of fecal matter killing and eating homeless people are on beautiful display. Its all frankly revolting, not the type of movie you discuss at your churches’ Sunday School cookout, but undeniably and incredibly hilarious. No one is going to mistake Monsturd as fine art, but watching dudes get wasted by a talking piece of poo as diarrhea dribbles down their face is pure gold (or I guess murky brown in this case.)

     To be honest, a review shouldn’t really even be necessary in telling you whether or not you’ll enjoy Monsturd. If the title makes you giggle, your going to absolutely adore it. For what its worth, this movie’s going down in my book as one of the best examples of balls to the wall gross out toilet humor I’ve ever seen. Those with a sense of maturity f**k off. Everyone else, put some clothespins on your nostrils, chug some extra duty pepto-bismol, and plant your ass cheeks firmly on the porcelain throne, because Monsturd is a hell of a good time.

You can buy Monsturd here.

You can listen to the catchy as hell theme song here.

And stay tuned for part 2 of my coverage on 4321 Films where I review their classic RetarDEAD.

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