Paranormal Macabre to conduct first formal investigation on the Pigman Rd urban legend!

Does the ghost of a deformed ax murderer really haunt this New York back country road?

In western New York there is a small town called Angola. In this tiny rural town which resides a scant 30 minutes from Buffalo is a short stretch of back road called Holland Road. But to the residents of Angola, Holland Road has a different name: Pigman Road, so named for the supposed ax murderer whose ghost resides there. As with many urban legends, there is a truth at its core and TheBlood-Shed’s house paranormal investigation team Paranormal Macabre has found it.


One of the two tunnels on Pigman Rd

In the first of our upcoming paranormal documentary series, Paranormal Macabre, the team will be cracking the legend wide open to show the real history of the man know known as Pigman. With a series of interviews, hours of research, and some detective work, this first-of-its-kind documentary will pair history with reality as we document the truth and wrap it up with the first formal investigation of the location ever!


The roadsign for the infamous Pigman Rd

The team, consisting of myself, my wife Amy, indie horror film maker David, and psychic Ashley, will be conducting an all-night investigation of Holland Rd. Coordinating with the town of Angola, the town’s police and fire department, and various land owners, we will have complete, unlimited access to the road and the bordering forest.


Paranormal Macabre is the first paranormal investigation team doing investigations geared towards horror fans. When 100 horror fans were randomly surveyed, 75% were found to believe in the supernatural. It is for this reason that we are focusing on the the most macabre legends, confronting them, revealing the history behind them, and investigating the reality of whether or not there is something supernatural present.


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  • Mary Daley
    5 August 2016 at 9:53 am - Reply

    This sounds amazing

  • Joshua
    7 September 2016 at 6:12 pm - Reply

    Reach out to Paul Lamker, or anyone who lives in the Roat Acres community. Plenty of Town of Evans officers have dealt with kids loitering around that area over the years. Trust me, I know; I grew up in Angola.