Remake VS Original: “Halloween” 1978 & 2007

This review is SPOILER FILLED.

This review is SPOILER FILLED.

I’m going to be honest and fair to both films… Here we go…

Halloween 1978, the plot to this movie is flawless, the score is arguably the best movie scene of all time and if you look for the word suspense in the dictionary it should say “John Carpenter‘s Halloween” right underneath.

The opening shot of Halloween 1978 was considered masterful because it is a continuous shot. Well it’s not, it has two cuts. The screen blacks out for a split second twice. I don’t think it takes much away from it but a good point that gave the movie credit.

The opening sequence of Halloween 2007 has Rob Zombie‘s finger prints all over it, from young Myers’ Kiss t-shirt to the immediate brutal beating and blood of the bully. Speaking of blood, what the fuck were the make-up teaming sniffing that day? Look at the bully’s face: There’s a really bright shade of blood and a dark shade of blood, but it would take a long time for blood to dry and change shades so drastically. Maybe a small point but little things like that just make it less of an excellent movie.

Zombie’s casting choice for the young Myers is far superior to the original as I think the casting choice in the original looks like an innocent little kid that just does not look psychotic or evil; when his mask is taken off he just looks like he is out of place for that role.

Both Carpenter and Zombie’s casting choice for Loomis was perfect.

Dr. Loomis 1978 played by Donald Pleasence

Dr. Loomis 1978 played by Donald Pleasence

Dr. Loomis 2007 played by Malcolm McDowell

Dr. Loomis 2007 played by Malcolm McDowell

From the get go Zombie has deflated the suspense and turned it into an immediate blood bath. He just can’t resist the blood and gore, even though this movie is famous for being a suspense.

It was nice to see Zombie explore a little more back story in the opening sequence with the family and a little bit of torment from school bullies. Unfortunately Zombie had to put another scene of animals being tortured by Myers. Not necessary and pretty pointless. Oh and the blood bath at Myers’ house which lead to his arrest.

I also think the sequence of Michael’s mother visiting him in the psychiatric home is a positive as it adds to the story. Oh and yes Zombie also gave us another murder with a blood bath. That’s 3 already and Myers isn’t even a teenager.

I enjoyed Zombie showing Myers as an adult in the nuthouse and him making the masks.  I wouldn’t say it shows something the original lacked in because it’s no big deal but it was still nice to have there. It shows Myers being silent—a  time bomb ready to explode… But did that really need to be done with a hillbilly rape scene? Rob Zombie destroyed the movie right there.

Now before moving on, I thought I would mention how Myers gets his trademark boiler suit. He breaks into a cubical of a man using the toilet and leave him in ANOTHER pool of blood.

The William Shatner mask… Let just leave it at this…

The original mask is emotionless and spooky, the new mask is evil and has a lot more detail which looks excellent. Picking between the two is like picking which parent you like better. They’re both excellent in their own way.

Michael Myers 1978

Michael Myers 1978

Michael Myers 2007

Michael Myers 2007

2007 gives us mouthy annoying dumb sluts in the street instead of an intelligent innocent virgin that actually provokes emotion towards the character. When the 2007 victims die you just really don’t care because they have no likability and you just want the constant screaming to stop.

The rest of this review is going to go to the 1978 Halloween because from here on out the 2007 Halloween is just full of nothingness, screaming underdeveloped actors, blood and annoying screeching sound FX.

Having Laurie’s friend shout ”speed kills” and Myers slamming on the brakes and stopping in the road is one of the many epic scenes that builds suspense in this movie. I don’t know why it works but it does. Call it John Carpenter’s wizardry.

The ongoing scenes with Myers slowly closing in and the stalker feel is just excellent; the over the shoulder shots and the “figure in the darkness” shots are just flawless. The score is over used in my opinion as nearly every time Michael shows up the same theme plays. This doesn’t take you out the movie, nor is it really noticeable but as a movie analyst I picked up on it.

The movie (1978) continues to display brilliance, the slow progressive realization that the “Boogey Man” is real and he is coming for you is done so so well. Carpenter wizardry.

From Jamie Lee‘s memorable screams to the shot of Michael breaking into the wardrobe to the stunning shot of Michael sitting up in the background in silence, you get such an incredible, suspenseful and immersive third act. I just can’t praise this movie enough for the suspense building elements and the brilliant directing.

Probably the greatest slasher of all time with its groundbreaking plot and raw practical visuals, camera work, and arguably the best horror movie ever made.

I don’t even need to say anymore about the score but I will say this: John Carpenter absolutely nailed it and it is without a doubt in the top 5 most epic and recognizable scores of all time.

Considering this movie had a budget of $320,000 I think the final product was beyond brilliant for a group of young kids that just wanted to make a movie all those years ago.

Oh and Rob Zombie’s Halloween (that didn’t surpass the original) cost 15 million dollars.

My score:

Halloween 1978: 8.9/10

Halloween 2007: 5.8/10

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  • Melissa B.
    6 May 2015 at 2:01 pm - Reply

    While I of course will always love the original Halloween.. I do find the 2007 remake to not be so bad. I think the chase sequences are spot-on and when I first saw the film, I was on the edge of my seat for the last 20 minutes or so. I found the character of Laurie to be likable, the only character I didn’t care for was Lynda. While the remake has it’s flaws, I still appreciate it for what it is.

  • Jay
    6 May 2015 at 3:56 pm - Reply

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  • Evan A. Baker
    6 May 2015 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    “Zombie’s casting choice for the young Myers is far superior to the original as I think the casting choice in the original looks like an innocent little kid that just does not look psychotic or evil; when his mask is taken off he just looks like he is out of place for that role.”

    I disagree with you here. The innocent look of the original is very much in keeping with the idea that Michael is not a violent psychopath, but a force beyond even his own comprehension or classification. He doesn’t kill because he hates, or because he is a psychopath; he kills simply because that is what he does. He is, in his own strange way, a complete innocent.