Scream Episode 3 ‘Wanna Play a Game?’: Recap & Review

WARNING: This review contains spoilers!

Sorry folks for the late posting of my weekly Scream review.. I will make sure it won’t happen again.. silly DVRs like to screw everything up! Any who, episode 3 of Scream was an intense and rather bloody one!

The episode starts out with a flashback of when Brandon James was on his rampage and knocks off a few teens with some pretty gruesome methods. Noah discusses the rampage with the lady from the crime podcast that we met in the previous episode. Noah believes the killer is still out there.


Emma overhears a conversation with her mother and the sheriff and finds out Rachel’s death was not a suicide and that her mother is hiding more information from her past. Emma tries to dig into her mother’s past without her help and discovers that she is the Daisy that Brandon James was obsessed with.

When everyone is texted by Tyler, who is the assumed killer of Nina, red flags go up and the only one who wants to genuinely help Tyler is Riley. The police try to intervene and stop Tyler, since know one knows his true fate that we saw in episode 1. After the arranged meet-up between Tyler and ‘Riley’ aka an undercover cop backfires, Riley finds herself in a rather shitty situation. Tyler again texts her while all the cops are out trying to find him and asks Riley to meet him behind the station.


When Riley realizes that something more sinister is at play, she tries to escape from the madman but ultimately fails. Riley meets a very disturbing, and gory death.. bleeding out on the roof of the police station while face-timing with her boyfriend Noah. The scene is a very brutal one that really digs at your heartstrings because Riley was the ‘good girl’ that didn’t deserve one ounce of cruelty and of course, did not deserve a horribly tragic and painful death.

Right before Riley is murdered, Emma was given the option while texting the perpetrator to choose the good girl or the bad girl (Brooke) and instead of really giving a solidified answer, she says “do not hurt Brooke,” seemingly sealing Riley’s fate. When Emma finds Riley’s body, she realizes what she has done and cries “I didn’t mean to choose.”


The episode itself was rather thrilling and engaging which was a big step up from the previous episode. More twists and turns are thrown at regular intervals so I am really left out in the dark as to who the killer is or why Emma is the target of it all. I do know one thing though… with all the technology and whatnot present in this town.. why is it that the police station and morgue just lets whoever they want wonder around? Perhaps I pay too much attention to little details, but it just makes the story seem less scary.

I have a feeling Kieran may be involved with the murders, seeing as right after he showed up, things started to hit the fan. He seems like he is a nice guy, with just a bad boy past to him, but I think there’s more to his story than what meets the eye. I think Will and Jake definitely were up to some perverted past-times but they’re definitely not the murderers. I guess time will tell.. when it comes down to it, I really don’t know who could possibly be the killer.

So far, the first few episodes have kept me satisfied and wanting more so I hope Scream stays on the air and we’re able to get some answers soon!

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