See through the possessed eyes in Grace: The Possession

New trailer and release date added for the upcoming film

Releasing October 28th of this year on home video, comes a new possession thriller entitled “Grace: The Possession.” The plot is as follows:

Alexia Fast (Jack Reacher) plays the title role of Grace, an 18-year-old Catholic girl who moves away to college, never having sipped alcohol, done drugs, or had sex. But something dark comes over her, and her purity is taken as she becomes possessed by demonic forces. The film offers audiences a unique first-person perspective of the possessed like never seen before.

The film is set to be through the eyes of the possessed girl, Grace. Much like the film Maniac, where we see things from the killer’s point of view.

As a side-note– this movie is NOT related to the films Grace and The Possession. The titles are just a coincidence.

grace-the-possession-2Check out the preview below:

Grace: The Possession – Trailer by dreadcentral

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