New Years Eve is a fun time, if you throw a horrror inspired party!

Halloween is typically our favorite holiday as horror fans. It has all the best movie marathons and costume parties.

New Years Eve is a fun time as well, if you throw a horror inspired party!

Creating your own movie marathon hitting as many sub genres as possible, combined with great food, friends, and drinks is always a great option to going out on New Years Eve.

Here are some fun shooters and cocktails a horror lover will enjoy.

  1. Alien Brain Hemorrhage


Fill the shot glass half way with peach schnapps, then gently fill to the top with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Put a quarter ounce of Blue Curacao in the center and give it a minute to settle. Then add a few drops of Grenadine and enjoy this masterpiece.

  1. The T-Virus Antidote


If you have a Resident Evil fan in the house they will love this shot. Take a green Twizzler and wrap it around inside the glass. Fill halfway with silver rum and the other half with watermelon vodka. Eat the Twizzler after, you will have to pull it out of the glass with your fingers, it will be stuck to the sides.

  1. Maggot Infested Corpse

Mix peach schnapps and crown royal together then top with ginger ale. Then add a splash of Bailey’s and you will witness why this drink was given it’s name.

  1. Jason Takes Manhattan


A few days before you serve this drink put some cherries in a jar and soak them in 151 rum in the fridge. When preparing the drink pour two ounces of whiskey and a half ounce of sweet Vermouth over ice and stir. Add a dash of bitters and strain into a cold martini glass. Add two of the rum soaked cherries and serve.

I would like to wish all the readers, writers, and fans of a Happy New Year. I hope 2015 is your best year ever!

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