Stranger Things: an addictive, exceptional & nostalgic new series

A spoiler-free review of the first season of Stranger Things


Stranger Things, a Netflix original series, has been widely-circulating social media over these last few weeks. The first season of the groundbreaking yet nostalgic show was released on July 15th and already has acquired a cult-like following. Created by the Duffer Brothers (Hidden, Wayward Pines), Stranger Things is the horror-drama series we’ve all been waiting for. The show lets off a real “homey” feel to it, reminiscent of films and TV shows we all grew up watching. Some say the series is like a mixture of Super 8, ET and The Goonies which I must say, are all very fitting. All eight episodes of season one are close to perfect, with fun and scares found tucked in at every turn. The series boasts humor, sci-fi, horror, romance and drama elements to surely please any fan out there.


The synopsis is as follows: Taking place in the 1980’s Will Byers, a 12 year old boy mysteriously goes missing in the idyllic small town in Indiana. Will’s three best friends set out on a mission to find him, convinced he is still alive out there. A strange young girl with a limited vocabulary that encompasses special powers also shows up and does her best to help Will’s friends.  The sheriff works endlessly to find answers and blames a local secretive corporation for the boy’s disappearance. Will’s mother Joyce (Winona Ryder) refuses to give up hope and believes she is communicating with her son in a very strange way.


Winona Ryder does an amazing job in her role as a determined, slightly-deranged grief-stricken mother. Ryder however is not the only great performance the series boasts, David Harbour whom plays the sheriff Hopper does a remarkable job as well.  Millie Bobby Brown, a 12-year old actress that plays the mysterious Eleven leaves a long-lasting impression with her impeccable job playing such a dark, emotional role. All actors did noteworthy and flawless jobs in their roles and made the show into something truly extraordinary.

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Stranger Things is the show we’ve all been waiting for and I can definitely see a bright future for any upcoming seasons. In fact, there are already talks of a second season with the same characters and I am sure in the upcoming weeks we will see an official announcement of a renewal.


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