Sunday is Gloomy

This year Gloomy Sunday Productions celebrates our 5th Annual 'Gloomy Sunday' with The Mercury at Machinewerks, and you are ALL invited.

“Question Reality” ~ This thought keeps running through my head like a broken Tool CD. We’re at the cusp of Gloomy Sunday Production’s 5th annual Gloomy Sunday, and I am in awe of how fast time has flown by. Tomorrow always seems so far away, and last week feels like it took place seconds ago. (Or maybe I should stop drinking the tap water)


Gloomy Sunday 2012  (c) Exterminate

Gloomy Sunday 2012
(c) Exterminate




{Back story}


Our first event took place in a cemetery that I work at as a maintenance site catalog collector. Which allows me to take pictures and film/document on the premises’ so long as I do not disrespect said premises’ when taking artistic liberties. Calling ahead to make sure security knows we’re going to be there is always one of the most tasking of duties and due to that, I had almost given up in year 1, because you can actually get into trouble for shooting on said premises’ without permissions secured. Luckily the permission to bring others onto the premises for pictures was secured only 3 days prior to when the event was to begin. I had invited some models and actors who I had wanted to work with, but hadn’t anticipated the turnout, which grows with every new year. Last year we did a quiet simple wine tasting in Vancouver BC at a private VIP club. This year, we’re doing it at an American VIP club in Seattle, but this time it’s an open invitation to what is normally a members only club. It’s still black tie-costume attire dress code. (But of course) But there’s some new additions to it such as a strictly 21+ crowd, burlesque performers, and of course we get to fly the banners for some of our favourite businesses, such as: The Blood Shed.


(c) Nathonicus

(c) Nathonicus

Everyone showed up in their finest silent film styled garb and ‘posed like fashion corpses’** for our first huzzah. We had Mr. Goth Seattle (Eric Pope) 2010 in attendance. What was then known as Chaincrafts & an eclectic fashion designer, Ivan Owen… (Now known for his work in E-Nable a project that helps people who have lost fingers by utilizing 3D printing technology to create affordable and usable prosthetic hands that are fully functional)

(c) Nathonicus  2010 ~ Conceptual shoot for film: Endure

(c) Nathonicus
2010 ~ Conceptual shoot for film: Endure


Tri-Dee Arts, an art/hobby shop sponsored us… the cemetery was cold but it was beautiful. The photography of Patrick Hughes & Jen Martin Photography really did justice to how amazing everyone looked that day. From there an annual tradition was born. A meet & greet event worthy of the effort. Initially, the purpose was purely selfish on my part, I had missed a dear friend’s passing and had no closure for the loss I felt stifled in my pay-to-build work and wanted to create something of my own, something that could be my standing homage to all of my friends and family who left us too soon.  My prior experience has served me well over the years, and in this scenario specifically. Before that, I had done some writing contests & won, the biggest being with ABC Family in 2007 for the show In the Motherhood, which later carried onto and became a short lived syndicated television show. The payout was decent, and I even got to meet & work with the illustrious Jane Curtin. (She played my mother in the story. )  From there jobs kept coming in for various ghost writings, and eventually my own pen name. But even still, I didn’t intend on venturing out too much further than what I had at that point, which compared to now, is near to nil. It wasn’t until after I got the news that my friend had passed, that I was suddenly motivated. Motivated to live my life, and create whatever I could, throwing every random thought at the proverbial wall, and seeing what sticks. It feels odd to note how much he changed my life, both in his life and in his passing… He left an impact that only the rarest of friends can. Today I am successful in my lines of work, and I feel I owe it to 3 particular people in my life who helped me blossom into a functional being: Dave, Monk, and our dearly missed friend, Josh. Who would stare me straight into the eyes and say: “Stop hiding from the world… Do Something.”


Gloomy Sunday Productions



Again I say, I am in awe. Going on our 5th annual.

I am beyond thrilled to share this year with everyone. Thanks to Crypticon Seattle, the most amazing, and largest horror convention in the PNW, The Mercury at Machinewerks, the horror film festival Bleedingham, the best haunting crew out here SCARE Productions/Nightmare at Beaver Lake… it’s going to be our biggest yet. With over $2,000 worth of prizes, burlesque dancers, horror writers, comic book artists, videogame developers, painters, photographers, models, filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, musicians, poets… this night will have it all and everyone who can make it is cordially invited.

Gloomy Sunday is something that we want to share with the world.



** Credit: Onichi- Joe Praino

Feature Image Credit: Jen Martin Studios ~  taken at the First annual Gloomy Sunday in 2010

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