The Best Back to School Horror Movies

Nothin' better than a horror flick to get you in the back to school mood!



Carrie (1976)

In Stephen’s King’s grueling world of horror, a bullied teenager takes her revenge on her fellow prom-goers.


The Faculty (1998)

By far the most common movie to come to mind with high school themed horror films. Who doesn’t love the idea of their most hated teachers actually being from outer space?!


The Craft (1996)

What doesn’t go together better than the devil and detention? In this horror flick a group(or coven?) of teenage girls use witchcraft to better themselves but of course end up taking things too far…


Disturbing Behavior (1998)

A young Katie Holmes stars in this forgotten 90’s thriller about a town that’s all of sudden becoming a little too perfect…

The Final 03

The Final (2010)

Perhaps the most gruesome film featured in this list– a group of bullied teens give their fellow classmates a taste of their own medicine, or well a much-worse taste.


Jennifer’s Body (2009)

A young girl’s best friend suddenly returns from the dead, and her appetite has curved.. she now only likes to feast on teenage boys.


Night of the Creeps (1986)

In this horror comedy from the 80’s, aliens become party crashers at a high school prom.


Scream (1996)

The slasher film that pays a homage to all preceding slashers focuses on a teenage girl’s fight for survival when her friends become murder victims.


Sometimes They Come Back (1991)

A group of punk teenagers come back from the dead to harass a high school teacher and his unsuspecting family.

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