The Golden Rake Wall of Fame

The Golden Rake is an award given from TheBlood-Shed to honor those who have created an exemplary piece of indie horror cinema on a budget of under $100k and at least 60 minutes in length. These films are immortalized here on this page forever, a testament to indie horror.

2014 Winners:


Flowers: Written and directed by Phil Stevens

Faces: Written and directed by Tom Ryan

All Hell Breaks Loose: Written by Jacy Morris and Directed by Jeremy Garner


Pieces of Talent: Written by David Long and Joe Stauffer and Directed by Joe Stauffer

Collar: Written and directed by Ryan Nicholson

Antivirus: Written and directed by Alon Newman

Dorothy Marie and the Unanswered Questions about the Zombie Apocalypse: Written and directed by Benjamin Harris

Legacy of Thorn: Written and Directed by MJ Dixon

Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh: Written and directed by Jakob Bilinski

Bodom: Written and directed by Gergo Elekes and Jozsef Gallai

EDIT 2/23/15: On the eve of the ceremony, 2/20/15, I opened with the tragic news that Ben Woolf, an actor best known for his role in American Horror Story but who had also acted in Golden Rake entry Dead Kansas, was in critical condition after being hit by a car on the evening of 2/19. It is now confirmed that Ben did not pull through. It greatly grieves me to hear of this young, talented actor’s life cut short. As such, I would like to retroactively dedicate the Golden Rake Award 2014 to Ben Woolf.


May you rest in peace.

~John Lepper
Owner of

2015 Winners


Badoet: Written by Awi Suryadi, Agasyah Karim, Khalid Kashogi, and Daniel Topan and Directed by Awi Suryadi

Insectula!: Written and Directed by Michael Peterson

Holy Hell: Written and Directed by Ryan LaPlante


Lung II: Written and Directed by Phil Stevens

The Slayers: Written and Directed by John Williams

Scrawl: Written and Directed by Peter Hearn

The Spirit Chaser: Written by Federico Alotto and Andrea Zirio and directed by Federico Alotto

All Through the House: Written and Directed by Todd Nunes

Hollower: Written and Directed by MJ Dixon

Camp Killer: Written and Directed by Shawn Jones