The Invitation: A mysterious, tension-filled dinner party that will leave you breathless

A spoiler-free review of the 2015 film 'The Invitation'


The Invitation (2015) 

Directed byKaryn Kusama
Written byPhil Hay, Matt Manfredi
StarringLogan Marshall-GreenEmayatzy CorinealdiAiden LovekampMichelle KrusiecMike Doyle & more


The Invitation is a little off-putting at first, because we all have seen this kind of story told before– a dinner party gone bad, crazy killers trying to kill the guests and yada yada. Well, The Invitation sets itself apart from other films of the same trope.


The film follows a man named Will who is invited to his ex-wife Eden’s dinner party at his former home. Eden also invited their old group of friends to create a makeshift reunion of sorts. Eden now lives with her new beau David and puts a facade that everything is like puppies and rainbows with a weirdly happy vibe that confuses their guests. Will, however is able to see right through the mysterious way that his ex is acting and suspects David and her are up to something evil. When strange friends of David and Eden join the party, things become even more weird. Despite Will’s friends attempts at convincing him that he is just overreacting and perhaps being delusional, they soon realize he just may be telling the truth.


Although The Invitation has a rather slow start, it was important because it helped us learn the dynamic characters. While some scenes were just a bit ‘much’ and out-of-place, the film still succeeds at creating ample tension. I thought I had most of the film figured out by the middle of the movie but I ended up being quite wrong. I liked how the film makers kept things mysterious yet still gave us enough clues to not irritate the viewers. The ending was great and will definitely make you think.

I am rating the film a solid 4/4 and think anyone who enjoys a well put-together suspense and mystery film will be a fan of The Invitation.

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