‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap

S5E3: 'Four Walls And A Roof'

Bob is in bad shape.  Gareth and his people are enjoying their captive\meal.  Gareth tries to assure Bob that he’s being treated with respect.  He warns Bob that he’s tracked Bob and his friends to the church.  Bob begins to laugh and shows them his bite.  He tells them they’re eating tainted meat.  Gareth knocks out Bob and hatches a plan.


Back at Gabriel’s church, Rick is getting impatient.  Gabriel is acting shifty as if expecting an attack.  Rick demands to know what Gabriel did.  Someone left a message ‘You’ll burn for this.’  Gabriel did something to deserve that message.  He breaks down and reveals what happened.  Shortly after the military bombed Georgia, Gabriel’s flock came for help.  Gabriel locked the doors the previous night.  As the people banged on the doors and windows for help, walkers appeared and attacked.  Gabriel is still haunted by their dying screams.


Sasha is saddened by the story.  However, she’s alerted by a noise outside.  She finds Bob.  The rest of the group takes him inside.  Bob warns Rick about Gareth.  He also reveals he’s been bitten.  Rick takes Bob inside.  A plan is discussed.  Abraham suggests they leave for D.C. now.  Things get heated but before a fight breaks out, Glenn offers a compromise.  If Abraham and his people stay one more night, Glenn and Maggie will go with them.  It’s agreed.

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Rick knows they have to attack Gareth first.  Bob tells them he last saw Gareth at a nearby elementary school.  Gabriel gives Rick directions on how to get there.  Rick, Michonne, Maggie and Abraham leave, while the others stay behind to look after Judith and Bob.  Gareth and his people come to the church.  He orders a surrender.  Just when he’s about to attack, Rick appears.  There is a gun battle.  Gareth, badly wounded,  tries to talk his way out, but it doesn’t work.  Gareth and his people are taken out.

The victory is short lived as Bob’s condition worsens.  Sasha tries to make him comfortable as Abraham and his people leave.  Glenn and Maggie keep their promise and leave with them.  Sasha breaks down and can’t bring herself to kill Bob.  Tyreese enters and does it for her.  Bob is finally at peace.

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