‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap

S5E4: 'Slabtown'

Beth wakes up in a hospital room.  She calls out for help when a two people enter the room.  The man introduces himself as Dr. Steven Edwards, the woman is Dawn.  Dr. Edwards tells Beth they’re at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.  Beth wonders if Daryl is here too, but Dawn tells her they found her alone.


Beth takes in her surroundings.  She sees others wearing in scrubs like her.  She also notices there are armed guards.  She meets one guard, Gorman who takes an interest in her.  Dr. Edwards also takes an interest in her but is more polite.  He assures her that she’s safe here from he calls ‘rotters.’  Beth isn’t so sure.

Later, a woman, Joan, is brought in.  She’s been bitten.  Dr. Edwards needs Beth’s help to save her.  Joan becomes more hysterical when Gorman enters the room.  Joan is held down as her arm is cut off.  After her arm is bandaged, Beth stays with Joan.  Joan tells Beth it’s not safe.  Beth realizes she needs to leave but needs help.

She soon meets another resident, Noah.  He was traveling with his father.  They were told only one of them could be saved.  Noah notes his father was stronger and faster than he was.  Dawn and the other guards saw his father as a threat.  So they saved Noah.  Noah wants to leave.  He hatches a plan: There’s a way they could escape through the elevator to the basement.


Dawn has a key in her office.  Once they get it, they can escape this mysterious place.  Beth sneaks into the office.  She finds the key and Joan, dead.  Joan apparently committed suicide.  Beth is about to leave when Gorman stops her.  He threatens to reveal Beth’s plan unless she’s ‘nice to him.’  Beth goes along with the plan only to hit Gorman over the head.  As he falls to the ground, Gorman is attacked by Joan, now a walker.  Beth flees.

The escape goes pretty well.  Beth needs to kill a few walkers.  A battles rages outside as Beth and Noah are close to freedom.  Beth sees a group of cars, all with white crosses on them.  Beth realizes she wasn’t ‘rescued’ after all.  Beth is surrounded as Noah tries to run away.  Gunshots erupt as guards appear.  They finish off the walkers and take Beth back inside.

Beth is ready to fight back.  Dr. Edwards tends to her wounds one more time.  As he leaves, Beth follows with a scalpel at the ready.  She is about to strike when another patient is brought in.  It’s Carol.

This feels like a filler episode.  It was interesting to see where Beth has been this whole time.  But it was the typical ‘people aren’t who they claim’ scenario.  This episode reminded me of Day of the Dead.  Except for soliders versus scientists, it was guards versus doctors.  Dr. Edwards reveals there’s been tension between him and the guards from the day the virus first appeared.  Dawn had to kill the superior, Hanson.  She’s tough but she keeps them safe.  I hope Carol and Beth escape soon.  I think Daryl had Noah with him with last episode.  I think Noah will lead Rick and his people back to Beth.  I think there’s going to be a rescue and one hell of a battle soon.

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