‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap

S5E5: 'Self Help'

Abraham and his group are enjoying a nice, sunny drive.  Rosita is flirting with Abraham.  Tara is teasing Eugene while Glenn and Maggie chime in.  The group is enjoying each other’s company when the bus suddenly flips.  As they start to recover, walkers surround the bus.  Glenn hatches a plan that he and Abraham will go first and clear a path for the others.  Tara assures Eugene he’ll be fine but he’ll have to fight.  Eugene hesitates at first, then charges into action to save Tara’s life.  The group realizes they’ll need to find another ride.  The mission must continue.


They come upon on an abandoned book store.  Defenses are made and some supplies are gathered for the journey.  Abraham and Rosita have sex as Eugene watches.  Tara catches him and Eugene assures her it’s a victimless crime.  He then confesses he rigged the bus to crash.  He’s afraid once they get to D.C., they’ll ditch him.  Tara assures him that’ll never happen and makes his promise he’ll never do something like that again.

A fire truck is found and the group is on the move again.  The truck breaks down and the group tries to fix it.  Glenn notices a strong odor.  The group scouts ahead and sees a massive horde of walkers up ahead.  Abraham wants to press forward as the group begs him to turn back or find another way.  A fight breaks out as Abraham begins to drag Eugene away.  Eugene blurts out the truth.

He’s not a scientist and there’s no cure.  He lied because he felt the safest place would be Washington D.C.  He knew he wouldn’t make it there alone and wanted help.  The group stares at him in shock.  Abraham punches Eugene and knocks him to the ground.  Eugene is hurt badly.  Abraham begins to walk way then breaks down crying.  He lost his wife and kids to walkers.  He was about to kill himself when Eugene called to him, asking for help.  Keeping Eugene safe was the only thing that was keeping Abraham going.  It’s all been for nothing.


Wow, talk about a shocker.  Eugene has been lying this whole time.  There’s no cure.  Abraham and his group have lost people protecting Eugene.  Eugene is hurt pretty bad and I’m sure he’s dead.  I wonder how this revelation will play out in the future.  Will they still try and head to D.C.?  If Eugene is alive, will he be forgiven?

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