‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap

S5E7: 'Crossed'

Rick and his people are preparing defenses.  They’re doing everything they can to fortify the church.  Tyrese and Sasha are on a road trip.  He tries to console her, but she’s not ready.  Glenn and the group are trying to wrap their heads around what just happened.  They don’t know what to do with Eugene.  If they move him, he might get worse.  If they leave him, he might die.  Tara tries to reason with Abraham  when he becomes hostile.  Maggie pulls a gun and orders him to calm down.

Rick, Tyrese, Daryl, Noah and Sasha plan their attack.  Rick urges stealth as they need the element of surprise.  Tyrese has an idea.  He wants to take hostages so they can barter.  Daryl suggests if they take away the cops, Dawn will fold.  She’ll realize there’ll be no more order.  The plan is set.  They make a plan to setup a trap for Dawn’s officers.


Glenn is going on a supply run.  While exploring, Tara argues that Eugene was useless.  He lied about D.C. She sees lying as Eugene’s one good skill. Back at the truck, Maggie and Abraham are keeping an eye on Eugene.  She places a blanket over him to protect him from the elements.  She tries to snap Abraham out of his trance.  He refuses to move.  Maggie won’t give up on either Eugene or Abraham.

The trap works.  Two officers find Noah and try to arrest him.  Rick and his group surround them.  The officers are about to give up when another car appears.  A gun battle erupts as the officers try and escape.  There’s a brief struggle between Daryl and of of the officers.  Rick comes to the rescue.  Daryl offers that three hostages is better than two.

At the hospital, Beth has her own plan of action. A patient pretends to be sick so Beth can get Carol some medicine.  She tells Carol that she’s here.  Beth clearly has no plans on leaving unless Carol is going with her.  Dawn was right, Beth is stronger than anyone realizes.  She’s there to help Carol anyway she can.


While Beth is offering moral support, Gabriel is up to something.  He removes some floor boards and crawls out of the church.  He ventures outside and is attacked by a walker. He’s about to kill it when he sees she’s wearing a crucifix.  He can’t do it and leaves her.

the-walking-dead-crossed-gabriel-church (1)

Sasha is guarding one of the officers, Bob Stanton.  He reveals he was supposed to do a rescue run.  Dawn pulled him off at the last moment.  By doing so, she saved his life.  The rescue run was attacked by walkers.  Bob offers to help Sasha if she’ll kill one of his friends that was turned.  She’s about to shoot when Bob attacks her and runs away.  The original plan is about to go terribly wrong.

A pretty good episode.  A little slow, but it’s leading to one hell of a battle.  Rick and his people will do anything to get their people back.  Dawn needs to realize who she’s dealing with.  She doesn’t strike me as a psycho like The Governor or Gareth, but she’s in trouble is she hurts Beth or Carol.

I hope Eugene is okay.  However, he comes to and starts to moan.  I can’t help but wonder if he’s turned.  I also wonder if we get to see D.C. this season.  Is it better or worse than the places we’ve seen so far?

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