‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap S5E13


Rick plans a meeting with Daryl and Carol.  He’s setting the stage for the takeover of Alexandria.  Carol reveals that although the gun room is locked, there’s a window she could leave open.  She also reveals there’s a couple of foot lockers full of guns they could use.  On the way back, Daryl spots a ‘W’ on the forehead of a slain walker.  It could mean nothing, it could be a hint of danger coming.

Later, Rick goes to check on Michonne.  They’re both trying to decide why Deanna gave them the job of constables.  Is it a trick or is she concerned for the safety of her people?  A meeting with Deanna gives them some assurance.  She wants her people to feel safe.  They’ll listen to her.  She wants the town to flourish.  She even wants a government put in place.  Deanna has chosen Maggie to work with her. Rick wants to take this job seriously so he has Deanna take him on a tour.  He wants to make sure there are no blind spots in the town’s security.  He wants a guard up in the tower.  Sasha volunteer and Deanna agrees on one condition.  She’s hosting a welcoming party and wants Sasha to attend.


Carol tries to make some friends as she prepares for Rick’s coup.  Daryl meets with Aaron.  Aaron tries to get Daryl to be more open and socialize with the people of Alexandria.  Rick is trying his best to be social at Deanna’s party.  Deanna’s husband, Redge, is impressed by Rick.  Rick is impressed by the wall Redge helped build.  Rick tries to loosen up at the party.  He wants to stay alert for when the time comes for his plan.  Jessie stops by with her husband, Pete.  Things ease up when Rick promises to show Jessie’s son, Sam, where to get some cookies.  Sasha comes and meets Spencer, Deanna’s son.  It appears Deanna setup a blind date.  Sasha doesn’t take the bait.

Carol is loading up for the upcoming siege when Sam catches her.  Sam knows he has to tell his mom what he saw.  Carol tries some dark persuading by threatening Sam.  If Sam tells, he’ll find himself outside the wall.  He won’t be with his family, he’ll be surrounded my monsters.  Back at the party, Sasha has a panic attack.  Sasha sees Alexandria as fake.  She got so used to the outside.  In the morning, Deanna tries to find out what set Sasha off.  Sasha won’t admit it but she became used to the dangers of the outside world.  To her, Alexandria is too perfect.  While patrolling, Rick hears a noise.  It’s a walker banging on the perimeter wall.  He listens to it, wondering if it can get in.  There’s a cool aerial shot as we see both Rick and the walker on opposite sides of the wall. You can stop and wonder: Which side is truly paradise?  Is Alexandria truly safe?  Does Deanna have a hidden agenda, or is she really trying to make the world a better place?


I think Rick is jumping the gun.  Alexandria seems safe.  I don’t think the people there mean anyone any harm.  If Rick goes through with his plan, innocent people are going to get hurt.  Daryl has the right idea to wait and see what happens.  I see the theme of this season is paranoia.  I can see given what happened at Woodbury and Terminus how Rick can he suspicious of Alexandria.  On the other hand, Rick could be seeing smoke when there’s no fire.  I think the real danger will be coming from somewhere else.  Rick and his group will become instrumental in saving Alexandria.

Carol is getting pretty good and playing it coy.  She’s down playing her toughness so she can spy on the people.  It was pretty scary the way she threatened Sam.  I don’t think she would actually hurt him or any other kid.  But she would definitely scare them.  Although Michonne hung up her sword, she’ll be wielding it soon enough.  These last episodes may seem boring, but it’s the calm before the storm.  Something is coming and it won’t be good.

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