‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap S5E14


Father Gabriel is overlooking his new chapel.  He seems reluctant to start over.  He breaks down crying as he rips apart his bible.  He doesn’t seem to know where he belongs here.  He lost his old flock.  His dark past might prevent him from obtaining a new flock.  Rick got him here safely.  Whatever future Gabriel has is now his own responsibility.  It seems fear is preventing him from doing anything.  If he can’t survive on his own, he’s doomed.


The other citizens seem to be taking to their duties more cheerfully.  Daryl, who has become the a new recruiter thanks to Aaron, heads out with a team.  Noah meets with Rich so he can learn to become an architect.  Aiden is taking a team out to get more supplies.  The power grid is down so they need parts to get it up and running.  Eugene assures them that if they get the right parts he can fix it.

The team arrives at a truck depot to do a supply run.  Glenn advises to do a perimeter check first to make sure they have enough exits.  They split up as Eugene pairs with Tara, Aiden goes with Nicholas, and Glenn goes with Noah.  Glenn spots a large horde of walkers at the front.  He knows this will pose a problem once they leave.  Tara drops some hard truth on Eugene.  He needs to start pulling his own weight.  Eugene counters that by mentioning D.C., he’s been pulling his own weight.  Tara sees it that they brought him here.  Eugene’s chance at stepping up comes when they reach the warehouse.

Things quickly go to hell when an armored walker appears.  Aiden manages to disable it, however one of his shots hits a grenade on the walker’s vest.  The resulting blast kills Aiden, scatters the group and releases some walkers trapped in a cage.  Tara is wounded and the group fight to rescue her but she’s hurt bad.  Aiden has a medical kit on him, the other one is in the truck.  Aiden, surprisingly still alive, cries out for help.  Glenn agrees to go save him.  Eugene volunteers to stay and keep Tara safe.  They break away to save Aiden and Tara. Eugene must now step up and save his own life and Tara’s life.

Another emergency arises at a work site.  Abraham is helping a construction team assemble building supplies.  A surprise attack by walkers launches the team into action.  Abraham saves a woman, Francine.  The rest of the workers are about to leave them behind, except for one.  The leader, Tobin, hesitates to save Francine.  Abraham, with Francine’s help, kills the rest.  It appears the crew has a new leader.


Tara’s rescue mission is off to a promising start.  Eugene takes her and makes his way out.  Nicholas leaves Glenn and the others behind.  Aiden is too badly hurt to be moved, so Nicholas decides to save his own skin.  Glenn and Noah have no choice but to also leave Aiden to die.  Glenn, Noah and Nicholas make it to the exit.  It’s blocked by a revolving door.  All three are stuck and must work together to get out safely.  Eugene arrives with the van to distract the walkers.  Nicholas saves himself, costing Noah his life.


Glenn escapes and punches out Nicholas.  They then head back to Alexandria.  Gabriel confronts Deanna and warns her that Rick and his group aren’t to be trusted.  They aren’t the people she’s hoping for.  She takes his advice lightly.  Little does Gabriel know that Maggie was listening the whole time.  On a final note, Carol confronts Rick about Pete.  Carol suffered abuse at the hands of her husband.  She sees the warning signs that Pete is abusing Jessie and possibly Sam.  He needs to die.

This was a pretty rough episode.  Aiden and Noah’s deaths were brutal.  Sure, Aiden was a jerk.  It was still hard seeing him die like that.  And poor Noah, left to die because Nicholas wanted to save his own skin.  I’m sure Glenn has a punishment in store for him once they get home.  Glenn is a nice guy, but losing his friend like can’t be forgiven.

Deanna didn’t seem to trust Gabriel.  She listened him out to be polite.  However, once she hears how Rick’s people made it back and her son didn’t, she might change her mind.  She didn’t have a high opinion of Aiden.  It doesn’t change the fact he was still her son.  She might be planning revenge real soon.

Gabriel is a worthless traitor.  Of course he left out the part when he left his own flock to die.  I have  a feeling he’ll be on his own.  Rick will cast him out the first chance he gets.  I can’t help but wonder if Rick will actually kill Pete.  Things are shaking up in paradise known as Alexandria.

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