‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap

S5E1: 'No Sanctuary'


Forget what you know about Terminus.  At one time, it was a place of safety and hope.  However, some bad people came and took it over.  They did bad things.  Gareth and his people knew they had to take it back no matter what.  They know now you’re either cattle or the butcher.  There can be no turning back.


In the present Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Bob are a few other prisoners being brought to a room.  Two guards are preparing to kill them.  One of prisoners is Sam, who we last saw in Season 4.  Sam and two others are killed first.  Gareth is questioning his men about procedure.  The men are reluctant to answer.  Before Gareth can question them further, gunfire erupts.  He runs off.  Rick sees this as the time to strike.  He kills the guards.  Our heroes arm themselves and prepare to fight their way out.


Carol, Tyreese and Judith are making their way through the forest.  They hear gunshots.  Carol theorizes that either Terminus is under attack or they’re attacking someone.  The three of them come upon a Terminus citizen.  He tells them that two people, ‘a boy with a hat and a samurai’ are being held prisoner.  The man is brought inside a cabin as Carol leaves Tyreese and Judith behind so she can rescue Rick and the others.  Tyreese is left to guard the man.  The man tries to reason with Tyreese.  When that fails, the man holds Judith hostage and orders Tyreese to go outside just as walkers are coming upon the cabin.  Tyreese survives and kills the man to save Judith.

Soon after, Carol launches an attack that unleashes a horde of walkers upon Terminus.  Rick and his people fight both the walkers and the citizens of Terminus. Rick is able to free Carl and the rest of his friends.   The escape is dangerous.  The walkers and the citizens of Terminus don’t make it easy.
There are several close calls.

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Once they escape there is a sweet reunion.  Our heroes know they have to keep moving.  They survived one nightmare but there is always danger in this world.  Rick leaves a new message on the Terminus welcome sign: No Sanctuary.

As Rick and his people head off, we see a masked figure come across a Terminus sign.  The figure pulls off his mask.  It’s Morgan, the man that helped Rick in the first season.  He reads the warning Rick left and chooses a different path.


What a great way to start this season.  The action was intense.  It did not let up once it started.  It was interesting to see the back-story of Terminus.  I found myself feeling sorry for what happened to Gareth and his friends.  It doesn’t excuse what he’s been doing.  On a side note, we learn from Eugene that there’s a plan to use germs to kill the virus that created the walkers.  ‘Fight fire with fire’ as he puts it.  I can’t wait to see what new threats Rick and his people face.

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