Today’s Indie Filmmakers are Tomorrow’s Wes Cravens and John Carpenters

A refocusing of the goals of the site.

As the new year approaches, this is a time of considering self-improvement. Standing before your own reflection and resolving to make further steps towards something better. It is a time of introspection. Yesterday morning, I had an epiphany. I have long used the statement “Bigger doesn’t equal better” as a site mantra. There are a lot of horror news sites that have been out for years longer than we have. But though they have gained more exposure through more opportunity, our team of writers stands on the same plateau, no question. The team of writers working for this site under me are talented, dedicated, and passionate about the genre and, even more importantly, writing about the genre. They’re a great team and I am honored to have them with me.

“Bigger doesn’t equal better”. A mantra I have applied to the site for a long time now. But it applies to the genre in general. Evil Dead was made by a bunch of college students with no budget over the course of 5 years. It has gone on to be the most successful horror franchise in history, with 4 movies, toys, video games, and a slew of comic books. The Blair Witch Project was made for about $60k and grossing $250 million worldwide, holding the record for largest profit percentage of any movie ever and kickstarting an entire subgenre. And the trend continues. Look at what the theater offers us. For every Conjuring, we are given a dozen Devil’s Dues. With budgets in the millions, there is no excuse but laziness to make a poor movie. Meanwhile the indie scene is swarming with originality! We have had film makers from all over the world ask us to review their amazing films! All Hell Breaks Loose, BODOM, Beyond the Grave. These are incredible works that deserve attention.

But, I find myself wondering in an unbiased manner, why are they coming to us? We’re small change. I can only presume that the big guys are ignoring the little guys. Sure, if you are only after views, it makes sense to do ten articles on the next Rob Zombie film than a single article on an indie film no one has heard of before. But as an indie film maker myself, I say fuck that. Today’s teenager running around with a rented piece of shit camera is tomorrow’s Wes Craven and John Carpenter! The indie film makers shouldn’t be ignored! No! They should be embraced and put on a pedestal, their unfettered creativity shown for the world to see! It’s what they deserve! And, dear reader, it’s what you deserve! You’re bombarded with a 50 thousands articles on the next cookie cutter Paranormal Activity clone to come down the pike, but how many of you have heard of masterpieces like The Battery or Afflicted?

We are here to remedy that. Are we going to just stop doing news on the big movies? No. But we are opening our doors to all the little guys just looking for a little of the publicity they deserve! So if you love the genre as mush as we do, stick around! Tomorrow’s legends? They’re going to be right here.

~John Lepper
Owner of TheBlood-Shed

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