‘Try And Escape’

Escape or die...

You’re trapped.
You have no idea how you got here.
Someone put you here, someone wants revenge.
If you want to live, you must escape.
Don’t hesitate, run when you see your chance.

You will be pursued.
You will have to fight.
Yes, you may even have to kill.
This won’t be easy.
But if you don’t act, you’ll die right now.

Don’t dwell on the fear, don’t let it consume you.
The longer you hesitate, the quicker you’ll die.
Grab a weapon.
Get ready to fight for your life.

You might not make it out alive.
If that’s the case, decide how you want to die.
Hold onto your weapon tightly.
If you can escape, you’ll live to see tomorrow.
If you die, make them sorry they chose you as their victim.
Either way, you have to least try and escape.

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