Zombeavers: Good Beavers Gone Bad… In a Good Way!

Evil Dead with Beavers!

Zombeavers (2014)
Director: Jordan Rubin
Writer: Al Kaplan, Jon Kaplan, Jordan Rubin
Starring: Chad AndersonLexi AtkinsBrent Briscoe


Yes, zombie beavers. You can only imagine the double entendres present in a comedy/horror film where the primary enemy is beavers. The film shows you just how fun the indie horror genre can be! I loved it! It made a joke of pretending to take itself seriously and honestly, at some points, it had that Evil Dead 2 zany feeling to it that I just can’t get enough of!

The story is about three sorority sisters who go to a cabin on the property of a middle-aged couple to get away after one of the sisters is cheated on by her boyfriend. Soon, the boyfriends all show up, brought by the cheater as he tries to make amends. Round out this nice body count with a local hunter and just add beavers! Undead beavers!

The acting is actually really well done and there is some really clever and entertaining dialogue here. It’s natural and witty and all the lines are really well delivered. It really feels like it’s a group of college kids, not college age kids speaking lines written by a guy in his 50’s.

As an sfx artist, you know the effects is something I am always going to keep an eye on in a movie. And this movie did not disappoint! These zombie beavers are amazing animatronics! They even swim! Where can I get a remote control, swimming, undead beaver of my very own?! Eh- hem… Anyway, the gore is very well done and I will also note a particular bucktoothed twist towards the end that has effects that are handled very nicely, even if the result is hilariously bizarre!

In the end, the only problem I can find is pacing. Coming in at under 75 minutes, by some definitions the film does not even qualify as full length. And given that length, the fact that there is no beaver attack (wow, I just typed the phrase “beaver attack”) for nearly 35 minutes means that almost half of this movie goes by without a single person getting mauled by an undead aquatic rodent and that, dear reader, is a travesty.

But the movie is hilarious and never ceases to entertain and, for that, I highly recommend it. I’ll never look at a beaver the same again. Giggity.

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