Zombie Army Trilogy Review

Take down zombie Hitler in 4 player co-op!

Console: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date: March 6th 2015
Developer: Rebellion Oxford
Publisher: Rebellion Developments

The first Zombie Army game came out as a stand alone expansion for Sniper Elite V2 on  the PC. It was an instant hit! with a grind house like style and key features of Sniper Elite this was a fun diamond in the rough. Now the question is how has it transitioned to the consoles? and what comes in this trilogy?

The story puts you in control of one of eight players and you are one of the few survivors left in Zombie Nazi Controlled Germany.  The game tells that near the end of WWII Hitler saw that he was about to be conquered. So  what does he do ? he raises the undead and tries to win back the war. Your main mission survive and stop Zombie Hitler.
Everything from the game trailer when it was first announced to the overall look of the game and the music makes this game look and sound like a Grindhouse movie. For a title like this that is perfect! It is cheesy bloody fun.

Game play is pretty similar to that of Left 4 Dead with features of Sniper Elite. Basically you (and some friends if you want) go through one of fifteen levels as you go from checkpoint to checkpoint hitting safe houses as you go along until you reach your destination. The game plays in third person and uses the slow motion x-ray deaths from Sniper elite and seeing a zombified skeleton is something pretty cool to see. Compared to Sniper Elite this game is definitely user friendly. If you want to play the game as sniper expert you do that if you want to go guns blazing you can do that too. From the first time I played this game I have actually enjoyed the feel of shooting these zombie nazis than Call of Duty zombies. Every time I play zombie nazi’s on COD at times it just doesn’t feel to good and feels sluggish with certain deaths. Here the game is fast paced, gory, and competitive with their constant trackers for trophy progress. The zombies lose limbs, come back if not killed correctly, and has a nice variety of enemies to kill from.

If there is some complaints I have with this title it is that the graphics could have been a little stronger, but at the same time it can be counter acted by saying that game is going for that Grindhouse cheese look. At times I had some issues with the textures loading and getting stuck in the walls but it was only a few times.

Final Thoughts
If you like zombies, Grindhouse films, or sniper elite then this is a title to check out! It is not the price of a full $60 game but at $40 it is definitely something to check it out if you want to play some zombie fun with your friends. I have enjoyed my time with this title and I definitely recommend it.

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