Zombie Tools: Blades for the apocalypse

Custom made blade weapons intended for zombie destruction.

Having a stabbing weapon is essential if you want to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Guns can be difficult to fire in certain situations. They also run out of bullets, jam up, and attract zombie hordes. Stealth is always a better option is you are armed properly.

Zombie Tools is a great company that makes unique zombie killing blades.

Zombie Tools was founded by Maxon McCarter, Joey Arbour, and Chris Lombardi. During a production of a horror show for a local bar, the aspiring blade makers decided to turn their dream into a reality.

Proudly made in Missoula Montana, everything on each weapon down to the grommets on the sheath is American made.

These weapons are very durable, and fully functional. They are made to be used, not for displaying on the wall.

Check out this video on the Reaver Cleaver, this will give you an idea of how tough these blades are.

Here are pictures of some of my other favorite blades.

10tools8The Deuce II: This sword has a slim handle, continuous curve blade, and amazing balance that is similar to a Katana but offers even more destruction with each swing.

10tools10The Scyllis: A Persian style knife with a recurve blade designed to get deeper cuts in close quarter fights.

10tools7The Kraken: This Viking inspired stout fighting ax bites both with its 7.5 inch blade, and spiked butt.

10tools4d’Capitan: Designed for quick stabbing and slashing, its length and handling dynamics are ideal for mounted combat.

Zombie Tools is much respected in the horror community. They create a quality product that is affordable, and appreciate the support of their fans.

Check out these and other awesome blades at zombietools.net

Their inventory changes often as they are constantly improving and developing new pieces, so if you see something you like, jump on it.

They also offer shirts, and other great merchandise.

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